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Traveling in Armenia Important Things You Should Know Before

Traveling To Armenia 30 Things You Must To Know Before go Armenia

Traveling in Armenia: — This is a new and interesting information list for travellers who are going to visit Armenia this year. There is not so much correct information about Armenia on the internet. That is why this list helps you travel in Armenia. Read it very carefully.

Country of Armenia

country of armenia informashion infographics
Armenia is situated at a cultural, historical, and religious intersection and located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia

1. Today, Armenia has developed its infrastructure to receive a lot of tourists. , Armenia can offer some very stunning places to tourists, though the tourism business is not as high as in Europe. But in 2021, more tourists visited Armenia.

Unbelievable beauty centre of Erevan

There are always a lot of people in the center of Yerevan. But not everyone speaks English. Young people can understand 80 per cent of English, but they can’t speak well. They can explain to you everything in English, with some difficulties. Armenia is not an English speaking country, but today it’s getting by.

The country Armenia

history about armenia
history about armenia

3. Armenia has different climate zones, but in general, it is a dry country even in winter. The climate is very comfortable for travellers. That’s why all year the country Armenia sees many visitors. Any season has its own beauty in this friendly country.

Food in armenia prices and Armenia expenses

Exciting news for travelers:Armenia is one of the cheapest countries where food, tickets, different attractions and taxis are very cheap. 10 euros is enough for one person for one day’s food.

5. There is a highly developed banking system in Armenia, and there are no problems withdrawing money with your card from a lot of ATMs. It will be less difficult in the villages because there are not so many ATMs. But you can find them in big cities on any street you walk down.

6. Cheap accommodation: In Armenia, you can easily find a private room in the city centre and district of Yerevan. The price begins at 10 euros for one person per night.

7. Armenia is one of the most mountainous countries not only in the Caucasus but even in the world. These mountains are not as high as the many mountains in the Caucasus. All of the country is situated in the mountains, valleys, and gorges.

8. Armenians are one of the specific nations. There are almost 8 million diasporas spread all over the world, but in Armenia there are only 3 million people. A large part of this nation lives far from their motherland.


9. If you want to go to very interesting extreme places, you must drive a 4×4 / SUV. It makes your trip pleasant and comfortable. The usual destination can be reached by a normal car, like a small Toyota.

Armenia Genocide or Holocaust

10. In 1915, the Ottoman government decided and killed almost 1-1.5 million Armenians in (Turkey) and this was called the Armenian big Genocide. Turkey nowadays does not recognize this fact and does everything to forget it.

Armenia religion churches

religion of armenia Old Churches
religion of armenia Old Churches

Armenia continues to be a very conservative country where almost 95% of the population is still Armenian Apostolic, as many centuries ago. Armenia was the first Christian country in the world. Christianity was the Armenian state religion in 301 A.D.

 12. Armenia was attacked by the Turks, Mongols, and Persians in ancient times. This country was the centrum of many great wars because Armenia is connected to Asia and Europe.

Before you go to Armenia and plan to rent a car, you must know that the roads in Armenia are not so good and you will need to drive very carefully. Though, for the most part, roads are good, particularly those connecting major cities to Yerevan, Armenia’s capital. Be careful when you drive in Armenia.


14. Today, Armenia is one of the geopolitical countries not only in the Caucasus but also in the world. This little country has a conflict with two neighbors, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Armenia has a friendly relationship with two countries: Iran and Georgia 

Armenia magic views

15. The Armenia is one of the safest countries in the world, though it is in the Caucasus. Every tourist feels very comfortable without any discrimination or worry.


16. Yerevan is the most visited and developed city of the other cities. Yerevan is called the «pink city» because it was built with specific Armenian stones that have a pink colour. Yerevan is one of the most beautiful cities and the capital, and is visited by people from all over the world. This city is very busy day and night.

Ararat Mountain Armenia Symbol

17. Even though Mount Ararat is in Turkish territory, Armenians accept that Ararat is part of Armenian identity and Armenian territory. You can see a lot of beautiful pictures and souvenirs decorated with Mount Ararat in souvenir shops. On the souvenirs, you can often see Mount Ararat, with another interesting place, Khor Virap.

Symbols of armenia Sevan 

18. The Sevan lake is 1900 meters high, and this makes this unique lake one of the most beautiful places in the world. Sevan has many comfortable beach destinations where you can rest. The little town of Sevan is not so interesting. It is abandoned and not attractive. It would be perfect if you stopped over on a road trip.

19. Armenia is not a travel country like European countries or Asian countries, but it is a country where you can see unique old monasteries or old places in the mountains. There is a list of famous places that you should definitely visit: Khor Virap, Noravank, Geghard, Tatev, Sevan Church, and the Saint City of Etchmiadzin with lots of old monasteries. You can visit Etchmiadzin, the first cathedral in the world (built in 301-303).


20. There are a lot of big or small restaurants in Armenia. Despite that, they are all cheap. It is enough 6-11 dollars for one couple to eat at a nice restaurant. There is very good service in restaurants that you can try.

Eat on the road

21. What should you eat on the road in Armenia? should know that there are lots of modern supermarkets in Armenia, particularly in the capital, Yerevan. There is also a lot of fast food on the roads, especially on main roads.

Armenia Lavash

Lavash is a traditional thin bread of Armenian cuisine.
Lavash is a traditional thin bread that forms an integral part of Armenian cuisine.

22. Lavash is the specific Armenian national bread, but there is also a popular different type of bread in Armenia nowadays. you can see how is Lavash made in many places. It is a very interesting process. Even you can do it yourself, try to do it. Lavash is a part of Armenian culture.

Famous food Zhingyalov hats and Dolma

23. Being in Armenia and not eating famous Armenian foods like Dolma and Zhingyalove hats means that you don’t visit this country. Dolma is one of the Armenian national dishes. It is made with meat, grape leaves, and rice. Zhingyalov hats are a dish of flatbread stuffed with herbs and different green vegetables.

Fresh fruit

24. If you like fresh and dried fruits, Armenia is the best place to eat them. Armenia is very famous for its fresh and dried fruits, which even experts all over the world. You can enjoy them on your trip to Armenia. In the summer, fresh fruits are available everywhere.

Breakfast for you

25. Don’t forget to pay a service fee of 10% at every restaurant and food home in this country when you visit. It is accepted in this country, but don’t worry, even if you pay an added service fee, your breakfast will be cheap. 

Paid by card or cash

26. You must add cash in your pocket when you travel in Armenia, especially on your way far from the big cities. You can pay by card almost everywhere in the capital, Yerevan, but not in villages, where it is a problem to find the internet. In other places, like restaurants and hotels, you can pay by card without worrying about it.


Silk road

27. A lot of travellers don’t know that Armenia is part of the Silk Road and the part of the road called the Selim Pass, which is now called the Orbelian Pass. This part of the road is very beautiful and amazing, especially in summer. The Selim Pass is as high as 2410 meters!


 28. There are no problems with wifi in Armenia, because it’s available in all restaurants, hotels, and bars everywhere. Even if you can easily purchase sim cards and access the internet,Don’t think about it!

Power sockets

There are almost all power sockets and plugs work with a standard voltage of 230V in Armenia


29. For many European countries, the USA, Australia, UK, don’t need a visa to enter Armenia. But Canadians, Indians, and many Asian countries need a visa for arrival.

Working day

In Erevan, almost all shops open at 9 o’clock but not in villages.

30. This is a fantastic country that’s why you should visit this country without any worry. After one trip you will always want to come back and enjoy your holiday. The very unique culture of this country inspired you to stay in Armenia forever.


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