Guide to Hiking

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A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking infographics

Hiking can often be done near home, even if you live in a big city. If you or your family are not used to hiking, near home is often the best place to start. Getting away is easier and if something goes wrong or you simply do not enjoy your time, you can go home and do it differently the next time. 

Hiking in Armenia: explore 8 most popular treks, Armenia is the best with its epic hiking trails and spectacular mountains. 

5 Rules of Trail Etiquette Every Hiker Should Know , The uphill hiker should get to make the call. Greet people you meet. This makes sure they know you are there and is polite. If you love to hike, you should know the unwritten rules of the trails.

5 STEPS TO PLAN OUT YOUR ADVENTURE, Just figuring out how to pull off your next getaway gives you a sense of relief and control that makes the actual trip all the more fun. 

How To Hike in the Mountains — Hiking can be an amazing experience, but it can also turn into a real challenge. Spending time in the mountains

7 beautiful trekking routes in Japan you should do this year — beautiful trekking routes in Japan you should do this year. Guide to Japan’s temple lodgings — Nachi Taisha

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