Country of Armenia guide for planning travel

Country of Armenia is one of the most beautiful places on the planet that everyone should visit. Planning a trip to Armenia? — Armenia is one of the interesting lands situated in the Caucasus. Armenia is a small country nestled between Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Iran.

armenia in which country GUIDE FOR TRAVEL
A armenia in which country GUIDE FOR TRAVEL

Although Armenia is a very ancient land with a great historical culture. But the country is not so well known among tourism agencies and travellers. The country has been rising in tourist numbers for the last 5 years, and this process has continued till now. In Armenia, people are very friendly and they are always ready to help strangers in their country.


Everyone will find something to do in this mystical country, and it is not important whether you like rolling hills or riding bikes on empty forest roads. There are a lot of beautiful and interesting destinations for travellers, and it’s a big deal that in the country Armenia everything is very cheap. How for you if you spend only 500$ for one week, yes one week. If you like to have an interesting and magical tour, you should visit the country of Armenia and discover this sainted land.

Why you should travel to Armenia?

It is a small but interesting country with a great history and some of the friendliest people in the world. If you are fond of travelling, you will not leave this attractive country out of your travel plans this year.

cities of armenia Religion in Armenia
cities of armenia Religion in Armenia

Why Armenia trip so exotic?

Freshness from God!

  • If you visit Armenia once, you will never forget the freshness (fresh air, fresh food, natural drinking water) of this country. Everyone can improve their health without any medicine in Armenia.
  • In the places where you go in Armenia, you will meet friendly people who invite you to their homes and entertain you with homemade and natural organic homegrown delicious snacks.
  • Armenians say if we go abroad, we can’t eat fully because Armenian food is the best.
  • Today, Armenia has already become one of the best travel destinations, attracting every year more and more travellers from all over the world.

Greatest History of this small country

Places of interest in Armenia help you to understand the real beauty of this country. The tour includes a lot of historical places and ruins that explain great and dark historical times.

There was a time when Armenia was one of the most powerful civilizations, but now it is a small country surrounded by four countries. Iran, Georgia, and two countries, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Border problems

Armenia has border problems with Azerbaijan and Turkey, the country that does not recognize the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman period of their history.

The stormy history of the country has inspired the Armenian people to be madly proud of their great history and culture. Armenians from ancient times spread around the world and everywhere kept their national culture. It is a nation that believes in and adopts Christianity as an official religion. Take your time inspiring through its old, stunning temples and monasteries; appreciate these monasteries’ majesty and their silent splendour. This country can offer a lot of beautiful and majestic places that you cannot find anywhere.

traveling armenia border  with Azerbaijan
traveling armenia border with Azerbaijan

Traveling in armenia people

People in a lot of countries don’t like foreigners and travellers, but everything is vice versa in Armenia. People are extremely friendly and very happy when travellers visit their homeland and their home.

 Sometimes people are so glad to help you. Even though they are ready to show you everything around their city, they offer you to go to their home. It is not important where you go in Armenia. Everywhere you look, you can see smiles and very friendly faces.

You’ll be surprised at how accommodating they can be, which will make you feel better. Armenians throughout history have recognized that the only way to alleviate suffering is for people to help one another in difficult situations. This quality of character became a perspective for Armenian on the contrary world.

Safest real estate Armenia

Armenia is a very safe country where people are respectful of travellers, and you will never meet anyone who tries to pick your pocket or bag. This country is twice as safe for women because men are very gentle in this country. But be careful because a taxi driver can add an extra dollar to the price.

Why are you waiting for?

World travelers don’t know what Armenia can offer for the best holidays, but we think it will change recently. To be honest, this beautiful country is still poor and has big unemployment problems. But we hope that Armenia will increase its tourism business this year.


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