Feel Good Songs

36  Feel Good Songs Put You in a Happy Mood

Music comes from paradise that’s why we all like music that brings rest to our souls. Music is a great food for our brain, so the right music or songs could bring a good feeling and state of mind. Every day we have good and bad days. We all need something to change our mood without any medicine tablets.

It is a proven way if you want to boost your mood. Choose the right songs and they instantly up your mood and make your day the best one.

Songs Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

Every one of us has his personal song list that helps him/her change his mood quickly. Some of us could dance, sing or just listen to songs and feel good.

We gather a list of songs that could help you to feel good. Read our list of songs, and singers and find the best one that will be important for you.

Feel Good Songs

I GOT YOU (I Feel Good) James Brown

One of the best songs of James Brown that lots of people listening and now. This sentiment of musical songs inspired and attracted people to love this song for more than 50 years.

Watermelon Sugar — Harry Styles

Breathe me In and Breathe Me Out — songs to listen to and dream about perfect travel around the world. Summer water, fruits, friends, and good music and your trip is the best. This song on of the greatest songs of all time that could rest your mind.

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Songs like this always boost our spirits and become one of the popular songs of the legendary group Queen. Songs everyone knows and could sing at least a few words.

September — Earth, Wind & Fire
Rhythmic dance songs can be good for starting dancing and feel-good, so start to listen to this song.

Can’t Stop the Feeling — Justin Timberlake

Great songs for people of all ages to follow the beat and move their bodies. Warm heart songs that should added to your list.

Good as Hell — by Lizzo

Lizzo is a great artist who can inspire everyone who doesn’t believe in himself. A good voice and an unbelievable engine lift your mood quickly.

Best Day of My Life — American Authors

We all remember the best days in our lives. — This song helps you remember one of the important days in your life. The best day can be every day listen to this song and be happy.


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