Planning a trip to Sweden 6 travel websites trip safely

Planning a trip to Sweden 6 travel websites trip safely


1. Sweden Travel Websites in Scandinavia

All you need to know before your trip to Sweden. Which airline flies where, how do you get around once in Sweden and passport and visa info.

Travel to Sweden by Air Sweden Travel Websites

SAS Scandinavian Airlines, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Sweden’s  national carrier, operates connecting flights to major cities in Sweden via Stockholm. Through its Star Alliance members, SAS links many parts of the world directly to Sweden. 

To travel to the southern part of Sweden you can also fly into Copenhagen in Denmark and cross the now famous Öresund Bridge. 

Air from Europe

SAS joins with all major European air carriers in linking major Swedish cities to the rest of the Continent on a daily basis. Finnair links Sweden to the rest of Europe via Helsinki.

By Air from UK

Sweden has never been more accessible with a large number of direct flights from the UK and a maximum flight time of three and half hours. You can fly direct to both Stockholm and Gothenburg with SAS, British Airways, Ryanair, BMI (to Gothenburg) and easyJet. Norwegian fly direct to Stockholm.

Skåne and Malmö is easily accessible via Copenhagen in Denmark and the Öresund bridge and SAS, British Airways, easyJet, BMI and Norwegian fly here.

Non-stop charter service to the northern part of Sweden is operated during the winter season by Discover the World to Kiruna. During the winter season easyjet fly direct from London Gatwick to Åre Östersund airport in Jämtland

By Air from North America

Direct service between the United States and Sweden is operated by SAS in cooperation with United Airlines and other members of Star Alliance. Non-stop services offered from Newark, NJ and Chicago to Stockholm (via Copenhagen from Seattle and Washington, DC). Delta Airlines offer non-stop service between New York, JFK and Stockholm. Norwegian also fly to Sweden from Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York (JFK) , Boston, Las Vegas and Oakland. 

Most European airlines, Icelandair and Finnair to mention a few, fly to Sweden from North America via connection in Europe.

More information relating to Swedish airports and services can be found at Swedavia website. 

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2. 7 Things You Should Know Before You Visit Sweden

Ice floes and rocky shores, quiet forests and the northern lights — Sweden is a beautiful country that attracts more than five-million tourists per year. We just returned from our first trip to West Sweden and since we didn’t do much research before we departed, we were both in for a few surprises.

Learn from us by keeping these travel tips in mind while planning your trip to Sweden.

You won’t be able to pronounce the names of places, but that’s okay.

Every time we thought we had the pronunciation of a word correct, we still managed to butcher it when talking to locals. Thankfully, even if you can’t wrap your tongue around the Swedish language, you can still travel easily in Sweden.

Outside of native anglophone countries, Sweden consistently have one of the largest and most fluent English speaking populations in Europe! Thanks to early-education English courses and the popularity of English speaking movies and television shows, communication becomes much easier than you might expect traveling in a foreign country.

Island-hopping is a must.

Sweden’s coast is dotted with thousands of islands that can either be reached by car or ferry. For many travelers, hopping through the islands is a great way to enjoy not only the amazing scenery but also to experience the quaint peace of the local hamlets.

There is an alcohol monopoly.

If you’re looking to buy alcohol (above about 3%) outside of a restaurant or bar, you’ll have to find the nearest Systembolaget — a government owned and run retail chain that is the only legal option for buying take-home booze in Sweden. This system of alcohol sale was enacted in 1905 during the prohibition movement to reduce both price gouging and overconsumption.

We definitely missed the closing hours of these stores a few times during our trip (some close at 6pm) and there can be a long line, depending on when you go. Our advice? Plan ahead and bring some alcohol from home. It will be less expensive and you won’t have to search for one of these stores when you should be enjoying your vacation.

Floating saunas are awesome!

Not sure whether to go for a swim or head to the spa? Why not both? Sweden’s floating saunas are steam rooms built on pontoon-like barges, allowing you to spend a relaxing day on the lake, ocean, or river in style. These steam rooms have become incredibly popular in Sweden and bring an all-new level to your island-hopping vacation.

Tap water is better than bottled water.

It’s the social, ecological, and financial norm to drink water straight from the tap. Sweden’s water supply is well filtered and incredibly clean, so the majority of the environmentally-conscious country’s citizens choose to pass on drinking water from plastic bottles. The same goes for using both plastic and paper bags at the grocery, so if you want to avoid having to pay for them, bring your own bag.

The speed limits change constantly! Sweden Travel Websites

In 2008, Sweden introduced new speed signs to their roads and highways. While before this year the standard speeds were 30, 50, 70, and 110km/h, the areas between these speed changes had even-interval halfway km/h signs added to encourage a more gradual change in speed. Keep your eyes open for these signs, as they change often.

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Sweden is currently one of the most highly developed countries in a post-industrial society. An average of over 5 million tourist travel to Sweden annually, which accounts for 2.9% of the country’s GDP. The country is located within the Scandinavian region and shares borders with Finland and Norway. There are over 9.7 million people living in Sweden, which is the third largest within the EU region. Despite of that, the overall population density of Sweden remains low. Around 85% of the entire population also resides in the urban areas.

It established its independence as a country during the Middle Ages. Meanwhile, the country expanded its territory to cover the Swedish Empire during the 17th century. Since 1814, most of Sweden has been at peace and it has established neutrality in foreign military affairs.

Sweden Travel Websites

The government of Sweden is ruled by constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. A Monarch is considered the head of the state in Sweden. Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is also the most populated city in Sweden.

In terms of GDP, Sweden is the 7th richest country in the world. Its citizens enjoy a high standard of living. The economy of Sweden is supported by foreign trade, automotive, telecommunications, arms exporting, business services, and export manufacturing.

History of Sweden

The history of Sweden can be traced back to the end of the ice age, during time when the ice sheets had melted in the Scandinavian region. The earliest settlers in Sweden were the Sami people who survived by hunting reindeer from Siberia. Over time, the people from central Europe migrated to the southern regions of Sweden too.

The Viking Age is probably the most read and talked about part of Sweden’s history. Took place during the year 800 to 1100. It also had a major impact to the world history, not just of the history of Sweden. It was also during this point in history when Christianity arrived in Sweden, particularly when the missionary St Ansgar establisehed a church at Birka.

Christian king in Sweden

Olof Skötkonung, who ruled from 968 to 1020 became the first Christian king in Sweden. By the 12th to the 13th centuries, it absorbed Finland and Christianized the country too. From this period onwards to the 14th century, there were many monumental buildings that were built (most of which are still standing today).

During World War I, Sweden remained neutral and during this time an Social Democrat-Liberal coalition government took control of the country. By the WWII, the neutrality of Sweden was somewhat ambiguous. When they allowed the German troops to march through the country in order to invade Norway, it tarnished the image of Sweden.

Throughout its long history, modern-day Sweden is a result of a severely shaken economy and a global recession. But since then, the country has experienced major reforms and its economy has bounced back.

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4. How to Travel Sweden on a Budget

Travel Sweden on a Budget

With a reputation as a high-cost destination, Sweden often gets cut from the budget traveler’s itinerary. Although there is good reason for this—Sweden is certainly not cheap—you can visit this country without breaking the bank. All it takes is some planning and a little research.

And it’s definitely worth the effort, given Sweden’s beautiful rolling countryside and hip, friendly cities. So read on to see how you can make traveling to Sweden a reality – even on a backpacker’s budget.

When to Travel Sweden for the Best Price

In order to avoid breaking the bank, plan your Scandinavian visit for late August and September. Flights and hotels are cheapest at this time because it is not peak travel season. Keep a close eye on prices when they start to drop in order to get the best deal. You can do this by signing up for alerts on websites like Expedia.  

In addition to lower prices, the weather at this time is mild and the temperature remains warm enough to still enjoy outdoor activities. However, snow has been known to fall in September, so don’t forget your jacket!  

Tips for Finding Affordable Transportation

By plane

One of the largest expenses of any trip, the initial cost of a plane ticket can be hard to swallow. Fortunately, a number of budget airlines, including Pegasus, easyJet, Ryanair, Air Baltic, Smart Wings, WizzAir, and others have routes to Sweden. These flights usually arrive either in the capital, Stockholm, or the country’s second-largest city, Gothenburg. Budget carriers often advertise sales several months in advance, so sign up for email alerts to receive messages about possible deals.

Alternatively, try price comparison websites like Skyscanner, which show you the lowest fares to Sweden across all airlines.  If you’re flexible, aim for mid-week flights, as weekend tickets are often the most expensive.

Another option is to look out for special sales and mistake fares. Websites like The Flight Deal aggregate these unusually cheap deals for easy access. Stay diligent, though, as these tickets sell out almost as soon as they appear!

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By train or bus

If Sweden is one of several stops on your European vacation, consider an Interrail pass (for European residents) or a Eurail pass (for non-European residents). These passes allow you to prepay for a set number of train journeys (for example, 5 days of travel in one month) at a lower rate than individual tickets would cost. Note that Sweden can be reached by train from Denmark, Norway, and Germany.

As for buses, the main operators in this region are Eurolines and Nettbuss Express. Eurolines also offers a multi-destination, money-saving pass.

In addition, Eurolines offers a fully-loaded luxury coach experience equipped with comfortable, luxury accommodations such as air conditioned seating areas, free WiFi, and lounge seating. Discounts are offered  for individuals ages 4-25 and those over 60 years of age.

Nettbuss Express provides similar quality accommodations for their customers. But tickets can be pricy, so buy online to obtain the best deals.    

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5. 16 Things you need to know before visiting Sweden 

Abustling city, brightly coloured, historic buildings all around. Wide open spaces, houses painted deep red and sailboats gliding by. Locals sipping coffee, sharing a laugh, surrounded by lush greenery. Multi-billion dollar tech companies, innovators, and unicorns. Sweden is a unique mix of things and a visit here is not just about seeing the history or eating the food, it’s about experiencing a way of life, immersing yourself in an idealistic culture where equality is valued and the future is now. If you’re thinking of visiting Sweden, planning or trip or just looking for travel inspiration, here’s my insight on the things you absolutely need to know before you go!

1. Coffee is life Sweden Travel Websites

If you haven’t already heard of Fika, you’ll soon be very familiar with it. The concept is basically to take a break and have coffee, usually accompanied with a sweet, like a biscuit or cookie. The Swedes are mad for it and, you know what, so am I! They absolutely love their coffee and you’ll find no trouble getting your hands on a good cup of coffee wherever you go, especially if you find yourself in Stockholm. Best of all, if you aren’t a milk drinker (me) you’ll have no trouble getting soy or oat milk (the oat is so good!)

2. The Swedes are hot

I was shocked and delighted to cast an eye over the Swedish locals and discover there is an abundance of hotties! In Australia, I’m lucky to spot two hot guys in one day. In Sweden, every second or third guy is an absolute dish and the women are stunning! If you’re single, get ready to mingle. If you’re married, that doesn’t mean you’re dead, so prepare your eyeballs for a veritable smorgasbord of Swedish hotties.

 Swedish locals and discover

3. There’s an Ikea approach to life

Just like everyone’s favourite Swedish homewares store, the approach to life in Sweden is ‘do it yourself.’ This means you shouldn’t expect a doorman at a hotel or for anybody to take your bags up to your room for you (unless you’re staying in a really, really fancy hotel). Why? Because of all the great benefits provided by the Government, it just doesn’t make sense to have people doing small jobs for small amounts of money.

4. Equality has already been addressed

The Swedes have already dealt with equality, in fact, they’re so far ahead they’ve moved onto making sure dogs have rights (it’s illegal for a dog to be left home alone for longer than 6 hours). Talk to a local and you’ll discover women are entitled to up to 18 months paid maternity leave, while men are entitled to 90 days which cannot be transferred to the woman.

In addition, women are entitled to some 400+ days of leave, until the child is 12, which they can take off to spend more time with them (this is different to sick leave to care for them!!) In same-sex relationships, both parents are entitled to paid leave. You’ll also notice an abundance of unisex toilets so everyone can feel comfortable going to the bathroom. Not only that, but gay rights have already been addressed too and everyone is accepted, no matter what their sexual preference or identity.

5. Cash isn’t always accepted

Before you rush off to the bank to withdraw money and change it to Swedish Krona, keep in mind Sweden is technologically advanced and many places do not accept cash. It’s not uncommon to see a ‘cash not accepted’ sign up at a bar, so be sure to keep your bank cards on you so you can pay with a card if needed. If you’ve ever heard rumours of Swedes with microchips implanted in their hands, it’s true! We met a local with one and he uses it to pay for all kinds of things, proclaiming its ease, convenience, and safety.

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Ever thought of visiting Sweden? In this post,  I’ll share 55 reasons why everyone should visit Sweden at least once. It’s such a beautiful country and it’s about time to let the world know about my home country and our hidden gems, foods, traditions and much more!

Of course, there are a lot more than 55 Reasons to visit my beautiful homeland, but this is a good start, especially if you’re a first-time visitor!

1. NATURE Sweden Travel Websites

If you’re longing for wild nature filled with mountains, trees, lakes, and animals. Guess what? Sweden is one of the best places to experience it. In total, there are 29 national parks. Going to a city? No worries, every city is close to nature.


Don’t worry if you’re thinking “what the heck is a crayfish party?”. It’s one of our unique traditions in Sweden, and basically, we make decorations, prepare a massive plate with crayfish, put on our crayfish hats and a bib, singing silly songs that we finish by drinking our famous schnapps.

It’s a huge tradition in Sweden, and if you’re visiting during August, you’ll have the opportunity to see what the fuss is all about. I can assure you that the crayfish party will be a memory for life!

3. REINDEER Sweden Travel Websites

YES! We have reindeer in Sweden, and they are amazing and roam freely. If you’re traveling by car in the northern part, don’t be surprised to see yourself road blocked by a herd of reindeer.

4. CASTLES Sweden Travel Websites

Do you like castles? Then I’ve got some good news. From Stockholm and below there are hundreds of castles to check out. In Ekerö outside Stockholm, it’s possible to visit the Drottningholm castle where the Swedish king and queen live.

At the picture, you can see the famous Gripsholms Slott.

5. STOCKHOLM Sweden Travel Websites

The capital of Sweden with all of its canals and small islets and islands. Stockholm is a wonderful capital, not too big, not too small, just about right. The rich history and culture offer a fascinating visit as well as the surrounding nature and broad range of entertainments.


One of the most well-preserved ships from the 1600’s. It was a royal ship that now stands in the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. The Vasa ship is remarkable and shouldn’t be missed if you’re going to Stockholm.


The Viking era is a famous part of Swedish history, and in Birka it’s possible to experience that heritage and see what life was like. The boat trip is about 15 min to 2 hours depending on where you are in the Capital area.

Another cool thing about Birka – You can see runic scripts and go on a boat ride in a traditional Viking ship.

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