Things To Do In Tbilisi

25 Things To Do In Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia today become one of the most popular country that attract millions of people to spend their vacation in this small but very interesting country. The capital of Georgia beautiful city of Tbilisi which gaining popularity in European countries is quickly becoming top place to visit. Tbilisi old city with new city parts where everyone can find interesting things to do in Tbilisi. Tourists from all over the world visit Tbilisi to discover unique destinations and spend their free days without any bored.

1. The Tbilisi Georgia Old Town

The Tbilisi Georgia on of the old cities in the world and the city can offer many interesting things to do in this small place. If you like travelling and want to try new things read this topic till the end and you will know what to do.

      2. Where is Tbilisi the Old Town

Tbilisi’s Old Town is the most touristic area of the city, but it doesn’t feel that way at all! If you venture away from the “I *heart* Tbilisi” sign and wander through the winding streets, you can feel as if you’re in another world.

Things To Do In Tbilisi

Where is Tbilisi this question very popular and a lot of tourists don’t know where located this small city? So, Tbilisi capital of Georgia and most tourists first visited this town. The city has old Tbilisi town which attracts tourists. Old buildings, winding streets,  and people help you fell as you are in another world. Many places in Tbilisi become official UNICCO World Heritage site. All old buildings were renovated and are now preserved by the government. Go to Georgia and admire the city building forms, wide balconies, churches, roads, communal courtyards and warm-hearted people.

       3. Art Galleries things to do in Tbilisi

So what to do in this small city – if you love art you can go to one of the art Galleries. This is an excellent place to find new ideas and explore how old artists look in this world. Don’t miss your chance to connect with art.

                        4. Ride the cable car

If you like some extreme things it will be best way to ride the cable car from Rike Park. You can see the city views with another way, and save time and energy till another activity. Cable car on of the popular activities and you see excellent things over the city.

                    5. Georgia Tbilisi country the Narikala Fortress

IN every old city has its old fortresses that remind about big history of the town and this nation. In Tbilisi, one of the top sites is Narikala Fortress established in the 4th century, but it was reconstructed in different centuries.

             6. Georgia Tbilisi city Mother Georgia

Next thing that you should do to see big Mother Georgia statue located near the cable car. This great statue was created in 1958 for the anniversary of the city’s 1500th. The woman statue is holding a cup of wine and a sword in hands. Statue is very attractive visit it for sure.

7. Stroll through the National Botanical Garden

National Botanical Garden – the perfect place to find fresh air and to get energy to continue your trip. Georgia is famous for its beautiful botanical gardens in different cities. Large green space gardens in Tbilisi help you rest from the big cities life. There are many walking paths, waterfalls and places to rest.

To reach the National Botanical Garden in Tbilisi, you can follow these directions:

Tbilisi Georgia Old Town

Public Transportation: The botanical garden is located in the centre of Tbilisi, so you can easily reach it by using public transportation. You can take a bus, metro, or taxi to the garden.

Metro: Take the Tbilisi Metro and get off at the «Avlabari» or «Sarajishvili» station. From there, you can easily walk or take a short taxi ride to the botanical garden.

                           8. the zip line.

If you like extreme activity near the botanical garden you can find the zip line that strolls through the lush. Get your doze of adrenalin and enjoy it.

                   9. Rustaveli Avenue

Discover one of the famous streets in Tbilisi with its beautiful and important buildings, restaurants, and museums. This road becomes main thoroughfare starting from Liberty Square. The avenue named after the famous Georgian poets Shota Rustaveli. Rustaveli Avenue important place to understand the national characteristics of Georgians.

              10. Visit Dry Bridge Market

To find interesting souvenirs and unique things for you and your friends from Georgia visit this big Dry Bridge Market. Market opens every day and is always a bustling flea place where you can find everything you want or admire. Here we can find old and new things as medals, pinchers and other things.


                 11. The Dezerter Bazaar.

If you are want to find fresh fruits and food you should visit this Dezerter Bazaar. In bazaar farmers sell their vegetables, fruits, and other produce. Tourists like to visit this bazaar because you can always speak with farmers and find fruits with the best price.



                                         12. Tbilisi best Mtatsminda park

For family activity it would very interesting to ride the funicular up to Mtatsminda Park in Tbilisi, it’s the highest place of the city. Notes that the funicular runs every 10 minutes. What can you do there? First, you can look a great view of Tbilisi, second there were a lot of attractions for children and their parents.


          13. Old Town history on a free walking tour

So, if you like walking and want to know about the history of old Tbilisi you can find free walking tours which take 2 or 3 hours. There are many companies and individual experts that can help you to see a significant things in the town.

               16. An Italian courtyard

Tbilisi has many interesting parts that not including in the tourist visit areas but these areas have important things to show. On this urban you can find one place that called Ezo – Italian courtyard,. All apartments are built around this courtyards where local children play together, and old and young people met together talk, tell story. There are you can see the gate if the gate open you can walk into and have rest, talk with people.

          17. How to make delicacies at Chakandrila

In Tbilisi you can find cooking schools where you can make delicacies with small family team. It will be very useful for all gender and ages to learn something new on your trip.

Georgia on of the old cities

                    18. Georgian bread— shoti puri 

Don’t forget to eat Georgian bread that called shoti puri. Walk onto the street side of Tbilisi, and you will be attracted to numerous local businesses that make Georgians bread. This type of bread very delicious and they make it on stone oven.  You can also buy some fresh fruits and vegetables on the streets.

               19. Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theatre

If you like puppet theatre you should visit Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theatre. Theatre is strange building that admired everyone; there are figures that come out every hour to ring the bell. Shows are taken every day and a lot of people come here to watch show.


                24. Walk modern Bridge of Peace

In Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, you can also explore the modern architectural marvel known as the Bridge of Peace. This stunning bridge, designed by a renowned Italian architect. The bridge connects the old and new parts of the city. Walking across the Bridge of Peace offers an opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of Tbilisi city and capture memorable photos. It has become a popular landmark for tourist and all Georgians.

              25. Visit the Tbilisi old Grand Synagogue

Georgia Tbilisi tourism today is become popular and people from around all world visit this old country to spend magic days there. People in Georgia are a very Christian nation. One of the oldest Jewish center had been in Georgia before they immigrated to Israel. In Tbilisi, you can find Grand Synagogue.

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