Best Way How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup Styles

How to look good without makeup

Naturalness has always been in trend. Today many girls spend look beautiful without makeup so much time trying to put their makeup on to look like they aren’t wearing any at all. But following some beauty rules can help you look great without using any products on your face. Introduces to you 19 simple tricks that will make you look naturally flawless without foundation, lipstick, or other cosmetics.

Yes! You need to be mindful of essential aspects of your diet, your habits, your lifestyle and your skincare routine. If you have even one of these elements messed up, the effects will inevitably reflect on your health and your overall appearance. Let’s look at the tips!

1. Make your eyebrows look perfect

On a face without makeup, the eyebrows inevitably become the center of attention. Shape your eyebrows for your face shape. If needed, tint your eyebrows with dye or henna. When choosing the color, make sure it matches your hair color. If you weren’t born with thick brows, apply a mixture of castor oil and vitamin A to your eyebrows daily. After a few weeks, you will notice the amazing transformation of your eyebrows.

   2. Eat Your Way To Glowing Skin

Eat Your Way To Glowing Skin

The phrase “You are what you eat” couldn’t be more accurate. A nutritious diet is a fool-proof way to achieving healthy skin. Make sure you add fruits and vegetables to your daily intake. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like flax seeds, walnuts and vitamin-enriched foods like oranges, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin are a must. Also include foods that are high in protein like eggs, chicken, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas and cottage cheese. A wholesome diet does the job on its own to keep you radiant and healthy from within by giving your body all that it requires.

     3. Drink Water

The cheapest medicine of so many ailments is water. Many dermatologists suggest that drinking sufficient quantity of water every day helps the skin regenerate since water washes away all the toxins from inside the body.

Usually, we fail to consume recommended amounts of water on a daily basis and hence face multiple health issues which when left untreated for long prove to be big trouble. The skin issues related to acne and dry skin can prominently be resolved by gulping bottles of water. Water not only provides ample of minerals to the body but also assists in keeping the blood cool and therefore, is a natural radiator for skin. As the rule of the thumb says, take 8 glasses of water daily and you won’t find yourself looking up for any other beauty potion,look beautiful without makeup.

4. Sleep In Peace

Sleep In Peace

A good night’s sleep goes hand-in-hand with how you look and feel. It’s crucial because your body repairs itself while you sleep. Just like you need to charge your cell phone, your body needs to charge itself and to go through the day with your battery at 50 percent, only leads to added strain and inefficiency. 6-8 hours of quality sleep is vital for you to wake up feeling and looking great. By doing this, you will have a glowing complexion, less of those dreaded dark circles under your eyes and you’ll slow down your aging process. The skin produces new collagen when you sleep. Don’t let anything in the world come in the way of you and your beauty sleep!

5. Whiten your teeth

A bright smile adds 100 points to any image. Therefore, make sure nothing prevents you from looking attractive. Use whitening toothpaste, especially after drinking coffee or wine. But remember not to overuse it as such toothpaste can be quite harsh. If your teeth are naturally gray or yellow, get them professionally whitened.

6.Cleanse skin regularly

Whether it be our Mother Earth or our skin, cleanliness is the key to enhance the features in store. Washing your skin daily with artificially synthesized soaps or solutions may prove harmful at times but adapting to natural or more bionic ways to clean the skin will definitely result in a better quality.

What needs to be done here is not only cleaning but also cleaning it regularly. Just like our homes, if we do not dust them off daily, they tend to look ugly, so does our skin. It is very important to pay a great deal of attention on how you clean your skin, since every skin type needs a specific style.

When we keep our skin neat and tidy, we tend to smell good and all the oils that are released by our body in 24 hours are washed and trust me, nothing looks more attractive than the non-greasy dining set in the party. It is better not to let the dead cells accumulate and make it tough for them to be removed on later stage. This is the easiest way of looking elite no matter what occasion or to which place you plan to go

      7. Be Ingredient Conscious

Be Ingredient Conscious

Ingredient-conscious beauty is a thing. Yes! Just like what you put inside your body affects your overall health, what you put on the surface does the same. Your skin absorbs 60 percent of the stuff you put on so make sure you do some research on the ingredients that are present in your skin care, hair care, and beauty products. Keep away from products that contain parabens, petrochemicals, and sulfates that may cause irritation to your skin or make your hair dry and frizzy. It’s best to stick to products that contain natural ingredients.

8. Don’t forget about your lips

Nutrition, moisturizing, and reasonable exfoliation are not only important for your face but your lips as well. Use lip balms that can sometimes be replaced with olive oil or any other natural oil. Once a week massage your lips with a soft toothbrush or with your fingertips — you should moisten them and dip them in sugar beforehand.

9. Take care of your hair

Dull hair color and a haircut that was done a long time ago are really not beneficial for your makeup-free face. Choose simple hair styles and natural colors, as more drastic options would be discordant with a natural appearance. Get your split ends cut regularly, use products with heat protection, and don’t go overboard with the styling products. Coconut oil can add shine to your hair. It also helps to fight dandruff, dryness, and other problems. Rinsing your hair with boiled herbal extracts (sage and oak bark for brunettes, chamomile and linden for blondes) also makes your hair look shinier.

10. Working Out To Healthy Skin

Working Out To Healthy Skin

Physical activity is so essential, both for your physical as well as mental health. Do something – whatever your jam is – be it hitting the gym, running, doing yoga or going swimming. Scientifically, it is proven that exercise benefits your skin and improves your mood. A minimum of three hours of physical activity per week will result in improving your health. It improves your blood circulation, helps get rid of toxins, increases the amount of oxygen delivered to your skin, provides a boost of endorphins that reduce stress and calm your entire body, including your skin! However, if you’re heading out to the park for a run, never ever forget to wear sunscreen.



If you want to be the one slaying every guy or gal in your party then wear nothing more than a smile. Smiling not only makes you feel good but also adds a cherry on the cake. Smile through your eyes and nothing can be as serene as you. This is something you won’t have to spend your salary on, and it is priceless.

12.  Make Sunscreen Mandatory

Make Sunscreen Mandatory

Sunscreen is not an option. The Sun’s UVA, UVB and UVC rays are the primary cause of premature aging of the skin. If you follow this one simple step, you will thank yourself in the future. It helps prevent dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. SPF which is the ‘sun protection factor’ determines how well the sunscreen will protect you. Dermatologists recommend that you wear a minimum of an SPF 30 before stepping out.

13. Eat good food

Eat good food

What goes in, comes out. The performance of an engine depends on the fuel fed to it. Likewise, eating a balanced diet with lots of anti-oxidants and required amounts of vital minerals helps your skin to live a better life. Ingesting junk food that the tongue loves may cause effects you barely can predict.

Buying costly cosmetic products won’t help you live a healthy life, so why not invest your money in the food you take in and attain maximum profits.

14.  Reconsider your diet

Studies confirm a direct connection between the condition of our skin and the food we eat. Oily marine fish, vegetable oils, seeds, and nuts are among the most important foods. They are a source of fatty acids, vitamin E, and carotenes which are the main weapons in the fight against free radicals. Dairy products should also be included in your menu because they are the key to healthy microflora.

15.  Drink Green Tea

Drink Green Tea

There’s a reason why green tea is so popular amongst health enthusiasts. It perhaps is the healthiest beverage out there and is enriched with nutrients and antioxidants that are incredibly beneficial to the body. It contains ‘catechins’ that are a form of antioxidants that prevent cell damage. It improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and improves the health of your skin. The ingredient EGCG that’s present in this tea also helps in weight loss by reducing fat absorption. Make it a habit to brew yourself some green tea!

16.Work out everyday

We all have busy schedules, hectic work hours and on top of it a very stressful lifestyle. Hence, exercising your heat out not only improves your stamina but also keeps you in shape. The more sweat you shed in a gym or by doing Yoga, the more exuberant you look.

People who have a habit of playing sports, dancing or any such hobby that makes their sweat pores flood have cutting-edge supremacy when it comes to judging who looks better. It is not necessary to rely on trainers to keep you motivated, nowadays there are apps on Android and iOS to help you with the same.

Running and walking have been voted as the best routine exercises. In such a world, where more than half of the population emphasises to lose weight, this natural beauty therapy is the buy one get two deal,

17.  Give Your Face A Massage

Give Your Face A Massage

This is a D.I.Y secret skin professionals swear by. A good facial massage every other day can reduce the appearance of fine lines, tighten your skin and make it appear more radiant. Besides, it also makes you feel relieved from stress and rejuvenated. The Chinese implement this technique by targeting specific pressure points on the face. You can use lotion or coconut oil so this way you’re moisturizing while massaging your skin, look beautiful without makeup.

18.DIY face masks

DIY face masks

I bet many of us Google about home-made face masks in order to give our face a fulfilling experience. This tip is easy and can be accessed at any time of the day. DIY hosts many options for masks made up of most herbal ingredients from the kitchen.

The highlight of this piece is that we always end up with one perfect mask for our skin.

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19.  Be Well Groomed

Be Well Groomed

Keeping yourself look beautiful without makeup groomed from head-to-toe is essential to your appearance. Doesn’t it also feel great to take care of every bit of you thoroughly? Pamper yourself a little and hit the salon for a mani-pedi and a facial on the weekend. It’s also crucial to look after your eyebrows as they frame your face and we can’t stress enough upon the significance of great eyebrows. Make regular waxing appointments and get rid of excess hair (if this matters to you). On the whole, stay kempt on a daily basis – shower regularly, use a perfume or a deodorant, groom your hair and keep yourself clean.

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