14 Morning Routine for Healthy Minds Therapy and Happy Life

Good morning routine is the most important active action that we should do. But how do you start your morning routine? Do you wake up immediately and pick up your phone to check emails or social media news? This active action may cause many bad things like stress and other tense feelings. So, if you want to have a productive day and a healthy mind during the day, you should change your morning habits. Instead of checking your cell phone, you must create positive morning routine habits. Let’s create your perfect morning routine for a healthy mind and stressful life.

14 best morning habits for success and a Healthy Mind

1. Morning Routine Activities 5 am 

Modern lifestyle makes people very busy and stressed. Finding free time during the day and after work becomes difficult. In the morning, we can try to get free time to make our lives more successful. One of the famous brain coaches, Jim Kwik teaches that the first hour in the morning is the most effective for us. But you should know, that waking up earlier is not easy for all of us. And it is normal, don’t worry!

morning healthy habits list

As a result, all people have different sleep habits and routines. Depending on the natural physiological types of people, we can sleep and wake up at various times. For some people will be easy to be creative at night, for others might be easy to wake up at 5 a.m. and do morning exercises. Above all, in the morning, you can start without checking your social media and other emails.

2.  List of Morning Routines Make your bed

After waking up it will be great to make your bed because it gives you the first morning jolt. This morning energy stays with you for the rest of the day. Making your bed should become your first important habit. It will also help you to adopt other new habits to make your life more successful. Remember that in lots of armies, soldiers make their bed every day during their long military service.

3. Morning Routine of Meditation Activities

 Start your morning routine with a short meditation. It is a powerful tool that gives our minds lots of opportunities to go far. If you start your day with a 10-20-minute meditation you will help your brain to work more productively. The meditation will clear your mind, reduce stress, and maximize your abilities. Make meditation your first activity in the morning routine. You can find lots of interesting meditation videos on the internet.

4. Practice with Mirror 

We all like to speak to ourselves, especially in front of the mirror, playing various roles. It helps us to predict our behavior when it comes time to make important decisions and take action. Another key point, working with a mirror associates your brain with a helpful picture of yourself. Every morning routine activities like positive affirmations can grow dopamine levels.

This practice can help everyone to feel more positive and also perfect self-reflection. The mirror reflects all positive words and emotions to you when you do this practice.

5. Writing down your dreams

We all like to dream, small or big dreams play important roles in our lives. They are powerful tools that could be very helpful if you learn to work with them. They can transform our lives, have an impact role in our behavior and decisions.

This is a great habit, that helped many of the famous inventors, scientists, and art creators invent unbelievable things and artworks. In other words, after waking up, write down your dreams. Maybe one day your notes will help you to create some important ideas.

6. Exercise Morning Routine Benefits

morning routine benefits exersise

One of the best ways to have a healthy mind is morning exercise. The morning routine workout or just simple exercise can increase dopamine, serotonin, and also many other hormones. The hormones help people reduce stress, activate the nervous system, maintain energy, and help to be more concentrated. Whether you do a few simple exercises or yoga, make your day more effective and healthier.

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 7. Best Healthy Morning Habits Drink Water

Water has an important role in our lives and nature. So, when we sleep, our body loses water through two major processes: respiration and perspiration. In that case, it is important to start your day routine with a cup of water. The water helps us to hydrate organisms and activate cognitive functions. Drinking water can be the best healthy morning habit for you. Drink water and feel happier.

 8. Schedule  Morning Routine Activities

If you want to have a more productive day you should organize it correctly. Scheduling is the successful people’s morning habit that they do every day. So, you can create a small list of work that you must do at first. By focusing on important work, you gain lots of free time to spend on yourself. For this reason, you can complete a few tasks for your work and some for your personal life. Having a list will help you understand what you must do first thing in the morning.

9. Avoid much Glucose 

One of the morning routine hacks is to eat a proper breakfast. It is better than eating too much glucose later in the day. Eating too much glucose in the morning or even during the day is harmful to our organism. Glucose causes oxidative stress, which slows down our brain’s ability to use glucose for energy.

These negative effects may influence our cognitive abilities and increase our vulnerability to many bad diseases. So, if you want to start your morning routine activities the right way, try to eat a healthy breakfast.

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10. Morning Routine Essentials Brain Practice

Morning routine activities had better start with a few brain practices. Start your morning by doing some intellectual practice. As a result, you can play chess, learn new languages, and solve a crossword. Moreover, you can do some things with the opposite hand, for example, brushing your teeth. This activity makes your brain more productive, problem-solving, and flexible.

11. Cold Morning Water Routine Therapy

morning routine ideas cold water

Through morning routines based on personality type and physiology, cold water therapy in the morning routine is always very hard. Yes, cold water sounds daunting, but this process has many benefits. Cold water increases immune function, recovers muscles, activates the lymphatic system, and calms down the nervous system. To make it easier, you can practice starting with hot water and then continuing with cold water. Over some practice periods, it will be easy to start with cold water.

12. Note Your Thoughts

 Morning routine journal ideas are a great way to change your life. It’s a fact, that many geniuses like Albert Einstein noted every day. These morning routine hacks help you always capture every fleeting insight, idea, and concept. They will help to develop discipline and cognitive abilities.

If you want to reach a higher point like many renowned thinkers, start noting your thoughts regularly in the morning. Today you can even add your notes on your mobile phone.

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13. Take vitamins Good Morning Habits

Many brain disorder specialists, recommend taking vitamins every day. These vitamins such as multivitamins, Vitamin- D, and Omega-3, are needed for our brain function. So, include the vitamins in your morning routine list, and drink them every day.

14. Start With Your Most Difficult Task

Above all, it’d be better to start your morning routine with the most difficult and boring task. It helps you to concentrate on it. After you have finished your difficult work you will get more time to rest and enjoy. This morning routine idea will increase your productivity during working hours.

We think that these morning routine activities will help you to have a healthy mind and change your life. For some people, it would be difficult to start with all activities at once. For this reason, we recommend they choose three or five morning routines for start. Over some periods you will change your productivity and concentration.

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