6 Reasons Why You Should Have

6 Reasons Why You Should Have [Sex Outside] Bedroom

Why You Have Sex Outside Bedroom With Best Poses

Have you ever thought of having sex outside the bedroom? It sounds like fun but something is holding you back from trying it out with your partner. It’s no wonder the only thing you want to do on it is, make sweet love and sleep all day. The major problem is we love our beds. They are really cozy, soft, comfortable and familiar with pillowcases and satin bed sheets.

Let’s think outside the bed. You can take sex in a tent, in a car, in the kitchen, in the shower, on the beach, on the balcony, on the coffee table, on a desk, on the couch. And whatever location you desire.

1. You will discover your naughty side

Having sex outside the bedroom instantly reminds us that we are a part of nature. It brings out your primitive and wild side. The feeling of dirt, sand or grass on bare skin is so earthy, primitive and damn hot. Just imagine having a quickie in a parking lot or on the beach.

2. Having Sex Outside The Bedroom Made Couples 33% More Satisfied Sexually

This was the biggest gap: those who had sex outside the bedroom said that they were 86.8 percent satisfied with their sex lives, but those who didn’t were only 62.2 percent satisfied. It’s hard to argue with those numbers.

3. A new location equals a new level of communication

Making out in a new place can rekindle old feelings of desire and passion. It lets you recapture some of the excitement of the unknown parts of every relationship.

4. Couples Who Roam Outside The Bedroom Have Almost Twice As Much Sex

Couples who stick to having sex in the bed have sex 5.8 times a month on average, while those who like to mix it up have sex 10.9 times a month. Now, that’s a bigdifference.

5. You will relive your reckless teen years

Having sex outside the bed shows us we are able to get back to our innocence and playful qualities. When you change locations, it takes you back to a time of electric first touches, skyrocketing hormones, fireworks, and mind-blowing orgasms.

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6. You can discover a lot from the danger of being discovered

Have you ever had sex in an open space or a public space and you were scared of being caught? Did you feel all that adrenaline rushing through your body? Oh, yeah! That’s because you were scared of being discovered. But it was damn exciting too right?

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