Top 10 Important Reasons Why Sex Gets Boring 


Sex Gets Boring and that is sad–because sex is meant to be awesome! It’s explosive. It should be super pleasurable. It helps you relax and sleep better and feel closer to your spouse, sure. But it also is just plain exciting! Relationships are no joking business. They’re very complex and they have many layers to them. A lot of immature and inexperienced couples often get blindsided by how difficult it really is to sustain a relationship.

They think that so as long as they stay in love with one another, things are always going to turn out alright. But the more experienced couples know that that isn’t necessarily always going to be the case. It’s important to keep in mind that a relationship is going to be composed of two very complex and unique individuals who carry individual personalities that often clash with one another.

So if you notice that your man’s sexual drive is starting to diminish in your relationship, that’s not something that you can just ignore. And if you’re curious to why things have turned out that way, then this article is for you. Here are some probable reasons as to why he’s getting bored with having sex.

1. We never learn new techniques or try new things.

If you always have sex the same way, and do the same things, it will seem boring, even if it still feels pleasurable. Here’s some help to make things more fun!

2.You never share what you want

Maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve never gotten the courage to tell your partner. Maybe you’d rather be touched in a certain way, but your partner doesn’t know that. And it’s been years now. And you feel like expressing yourself makes you feel like you’ll be judged or criticised; then maybe you’re with the wrong person.

3. It was never that exciting to begin with.

! You never figured out how to make it feel good, or you felt like it had to be done a certain way. And it can be embarrassing to try to get up the courage to ask for something different. Because it’s a daily challenge, it’s not as vulnerable as saying, “what would you think if we tried this?” You don’t have to do anything–the book is the one that tells you do it! And there’s lots there to help you figure out how to make sex feel really great, in every way.

4. He is dealing with his own personal demons that are only fueling his insecurities and worries.

He can’t bring himself to want to have sex with you if he’s far too insecure. He can’t convince himself of being sexy or sensual because his fears and insecurities are eating away at his insides. Being able to have a strong sex drive always relies on a certain level of confidence – and he might be having some confidence issues right now.

5. When you do try to get sexy with him, there’s no reaction.

A good example of this would be when you’re in sexy lingerie but he just doesn’t seem to care. It’s brutally painful, and when it happens, it’s a safe bet that he’s no longer into you at all.

6. Sex has stopped.

There will be times when sex may dwindle, but most of the time, it’ll pick up again soon enough. Moreover, in most healthy couples, he won’t usually reject you. If it’s been months since he’s been up for sex, then something has gone seriously wrong.

7. We get too comfortable and forget to try

If getting ready for bed consists of talking to him while he’s brushing his teeth and you’re sitting on the toilet peeing, after which you both throw on old raggedy T-shirts before you crawl into bed–well, perhaps it’s no wonder that sex has gotten boring. You’ve lost all mystery and you’ve forgotten to try!

8.He’s started to light up when other girls are present, or even flirts with others in front of you.

This is a particularly bad sign if it used to be that all he ever noticed was you. Guys who start checking out other girls on an obvious level often do so because they’re ready to jump ship. With this sign, it’s best to cut your losses. He already made up his mind.

9. He feels like you’re not into him because you lack initiative and enthusiasm.

You have rarely ever shown him any signs of initiative or enthusiasm for sex, and so he feels like you aren’t attracted to him. He doesn’t want to have to be the one who always initiates sex. He doesn’t want to always be the one who makes the effort in the relationship.

10. He’s sat you down and told you he’s bored or that he wants to try something new.

Well, the good news is that he wants to fix things with you, stay with you, and improve your relationship. He legit loves you if he’s trying to talk things out! The bad news is that he’s bored. Since he took the time to talk things out, it’s on you to listen to him and work out a plan with him.

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