30 Special Cross Tattoo Designs for Men on Shoulder

Cross tattoo designs for men have been the trendy choice among those looking for meaningful ink body art. A design cross tattoo can symbolize many aspects, including personal beliefs, remembrance, faith, and spirituality. So, if you are ready to get a simple cross tattoo for men, this new article will help you understand the spiritual world of cross-ink artwork.

Although this may be true, art tattoos for men are developing every day, and tattoo masters are creating more beautiful and spiritual tattoo designs for everybody. On this page, you can find everything from simple minimalist but elegant dark cross tattoo designs to meaningful large Jesus on cross tattoo design ideas.

Best Cross Tattoo Ideas Men On Shoulder Design

Since ancient times in history, the cross symbol has symbolized various things in different cultures. In that case, the historians had found cross symbols all over the world that were not only connected with religion. In other words, each culture used to draw a cross design with its own unique aspects and cultural differences. 

People around the world have appreciated the cross and its deep meaning for a long time. The cross symbol is used by both genders.  It shows that the cross is also a very flexible symbol for everyone. So, this means that this powerful symbol can be designed in various styles, forms, sizes, and specific ways as everyone wants to. There are millions of designs that everyone can easily copy and personalize as he or she wants or imagines. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a new style or combine it with other symbols like animals, flowers, and other symbols.


Even a small cross tattoo men design can have powerful, spiritual, and mysterious connotations for the wearer. The cross-tattoo designs for men may be a unique way to represent their beliefs, faith, and as a religious person. Generally speaking, cross tattoo for men in various styles, so even if you don’t find anything that you want to get on your body, you can create your own personalized cross symbol from what you have in mind. For this reason, before getting a tattoo, you can ask your tattoo artist to help you find a tattoo design.


Maybe you don’t know, but the ancient Egyptians were one of the first cultures that used the cross as a mythological symbol. Yes, it is not the cross design we prefer to see now, but the cross was an important symbol for them. If you choose these Egyptian cross tattoo ideas men, you will look rare and interesting.

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Cross Tattoo Ideas Men Upper Shoulder

Biblical tattoo verses have become popular today, and lots of people all around the world have this style of tattoo on their bodies. The Christian cross is an ancient symbol that has been used to represent Christianity. Cross-tattoo designs for men can be created in various styles and ways.  Depending on personal preferences, a tattoo for men cross design can be small or large, from a minimalist style to a meaningful cross design with other symbols.

So, if you have already decided to get the best cross tattoo designs on your body, the shoulder is one of the best areas for it. Although this may be true, shoulder tattoos are usually more visible than on any body part. But, in any case, you can conceal it by wearing sleeveless shirts if you want. The shoulder tattoo allows you to admire your beautiful cross tattoo designs.

In this tattoo design, you can see the cross tattoo with tiger designs on the man’s shoulder. It looks masculine and, at the same time, very emotional.

Cross Tattoo Ideas Men Upper Shoulder design images
Credit Instagram tattoomelkonyans

Jesus Cross Tattoo for Shoulder

When we talk about Christian tattoo design, one of the most popular symbols is the cross tattoo. A cross tattoo black ink drawing can be done in hundreds of styles. Generally, cross tattoo designs for men can be designed alone or with Jesus Christ. The Jesus cross tattoo is designed with flowers or other symbols such as animals, skulls, and dates. What about a placement? The best placement for cross-tattoo locations is a shoulder.

Men’s shoulders allow a tattoo master to create a large and beautiful Jesus cross tattoo design without thinking about size.

As can be seen, the Jesus cross ink artworks often have large designs. This tattoo can be created with different interpretations and with various symbols. Combining these two Christ tattoo design symbols, we showcase true beliefs, faith, and commitment to God.

Jesus cross tattoo for shoulder  for men ideas pictures
Image resource Melkonyan’s

Best Cross Tattoo Designs Ideas

best cross tattoo designs images
Credit Instagram tattootyomhakobyan

You want to get your next or even first tattoo but don’t know what to choose yet. In that case, the best tattoo designs are the ones that have meant something important. If you create Christian tattoo drawings, the praying hands with a cross design will be perfect for you. The cross tattoo with hands often represents the person’s strong beliefs and dedication to the religion.

Generally speaking, a tattoo of praying hands may look simple, but a million people choose this design, which includes images of a cross, animals, stars, flowers, and even mythological creatures. Lots of males make their praying hands Jesus Christ cross tattoo designs as large as their tattoo master can create. So everyone who contacts them will surely see their large Christian tattoo designs for men.

In other words, if you are thinking about getting a praying hands cross tattoo design for men. There are thousands of design ideas you can copy. For the placement of your tattoo, you can choose the shoulder, as in this example. The shoulder is a great canvas to create realistic tattoo designs for men.

Cross Tattoo Designs for Men

cross tattoo designs for men images
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Cross tattoo black ink design ideas are one of the most popular choices for men. Nowadays, a tattoo is not just an ink picture of the body but also a fashion attribute for women and men. For a simple cross tattoo for men, the placement has an important meaning.

For this reason, males loved to get their cross tattooed on the shoulder. The shoulder represents a large area for getting a tattoo without warning about size. Although this may be true, many tattoo designs look wonderful and masculine in this area.

On the other hand, you can easily hide your tattoo on your shoulder. The designs and styles are so varied, and everyone, in general, chooses a cross tattoo for shoulder according to their preferences.

My Demon Cross Tattoo with Wings

my demon cross tattoo with wings

The man cross tattoo for shoulder with wings has become so popular in recent years and has been included in many religious tattoo symbols. Plenty of people, especially men, got various styles of cross tattoos with wings on their shoulders. We know that classic cross-tattoo designs for men are popular, and lots of men wear them proudly. 

Although this may be true, the best cross tattoo designs often have different meanings than the wings’ beautiful cross tattoo designs. As can be seen, lots of men add wings to their tattoos to make them more beautiful and mysterious. So, simple cross-tattoo drawings with other elements are a great way to increase your tattoo look.

Wings in Religions

Wing symbolism has played an important role in various religions and cultures. This beautiful symbol appears in many cultures, legends, myths, and stories. It is always associated with freedom, protection, and divine power. In other words, wings have an important influence on how people view many religious characters and events. Since ancient times, lots of auteurs have written about creators with wings.

For example, angels are portrayed as creatures with wings who come to earth with specific messages. Christians like to show their connection with religion and their faith. So, wings can also express the power of freedom from earthly constraints, such as gravity, which allows many birds to fly.

Best Cross Tattoo Designs Shoulder

best cross tattoo designs
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Since tattoos become trendy attributes for men, lots of males have started tattooing religious designs such as crosses, cross wings, and the Jesus crucifix. The cross tattoo for the shoulder may be the most popular placement because it allows you to put from small to large tattoo designs. In this example, you can see a beautiful man’s scriptural cross-shoulder tattoo, which can inspire you. This style of tattoo design is generally for those who aren’t afraid to show their religious faith and beliefs.

Cross Tattoo Arm Men

cross tattoo arm men on shoulder images
Image resource TattooYavrumyan

Cross tattoo arm men one of the most common tattoo designs chosen by men. The advantage of the cross-design is that it is very flexible and customizable. In other words, it looks great in any style and on any part of the body. You can create it on your hand, fingers, biceps, shoulder, or chest. Cross-tattoo sketches are made in different styles and shapes. Generally speaking, people with cool cross tattoo designs seem to be religious.

On the other hand, a cross tattoo has many other meanings, and depending on its design, it can express different things. Of course, the most popular is the biblical version. It displayed the scene where Jesus Christ was crucified. At present, we can see various interpretations of this style that include many other attributes and symbols in the design.

Shoulder Tattoo Men Simple Cross Ideas

shoulder tattoo men simple cros design images
Picture from yavrumyan

Jesus Carrying a Cross Tattoo

jesus carrying a cross tattoo
Image from TattooYavrum

Tattoo for Men Black Jesus Design

Tattoo for Men Black Jesus Design
Credit Instagram

Praying Hands and Cross Tattoo Designs

praying hands and cross tattoo designs shoulde for men
Image resource tyomhakobyan

Cross Tattoo Designs Men

cross tattoo designs men
Image from

Tattoo Shoulder Design Black Jesus Design

 black Jesus design
Credit Instagram tattootyomhakob

Tattoo Shoulder Design Male Cross

tattoo shoulder design male images
Image resource tyomhakob

Black Tattoo Shoulder Cross

tattoo shoulder cross design for
Credit Instagram temtattooaj

Christianity Religious Tattoo Drawings

christianity religious tattoo drawings
Image resource

Cool Christian Tattoo Ideas on Shoulder

Cool Christian Tattoo Ideas on Shoulder
Instagram temtattoo

Christian Tattoo Men Cross Design

Christian Tattoo Men Cross Design

Christian Tattoo Designs for Men

tattoo desig for men
Credit Instagram tattoosalonkarenay

Christian Tattoo Designs Art

christian tattoo designs art
Image resource

Christianity Religious Tattoo Drawings

christianity religious tattoo drawings
Picture from karenay tattoo

Cross Tattoo Shoulder Arm

Cross tattoo shoulder arm
Credit Instagram tattoosalonkarenay

Cross Tattoo Shoulder Man Big Design

Cross Tattoo Shoulder Man Big Design

Jesus Christ Tattoo Shoulder

shoulder tattoo for men
Picture from karenay

Jesus Tattoo Shoulder Blade

jesus tattoo shoulder blade
Credit Instagram tattoosalonkaren

Beautiful Cross Tattoo Designs

beautiful cross tattoo designs
Credit Instagram albertsilverneedletatt

Tiger Cross Tattoo on Shoulder

tiger cross tattoo on shoulder
Image resource

Christian Tattoo Bible

christian tattoo bible
Picture from Albert Silver Needle

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