Unique Cross Tattoo Inspiration

50 Unique Cross Tattoo Inspiration Designs You Want Now

The cross tattoo became one of the trendy tattoo design symbols, that inspired lots of people to get these symbols on their bodies. The people chose the cross symbol for different reasons: good luck, faith, or as a religious symbol. People who are Christians chose the cross tattoo to represent their religious convictions. But, as can be seen, the cross symbol is also like non-believers, the symbol can show their protection, and remind them what is important for them in this world.

Cross tattoos ideas for men and guys Designs for Symbolic Body Art

As we know, in the Christian religion, the cross is an important symbol that expresses love and sacrifice. For this reason, millions of people all over the world are choosing this powerful symbol for their next or first tattoo. The unique cross tattoo can be chosen men and women. Cross-tattoo styles and designs are different, so it will be difficult to find one at once.

We are trying to collect various styles cross tattoo designs for you. Look at this unique collection and find ideas that inspired you.

Table of Contents

  • Cross tattoos and meanings
  • Best Unique Cross Tattoo Placements
  • Jesus Cross Tattoos Ideas
  • Cross tattoos for Men Shoulder

Cross tattoos and meanings

So, what is a cross represent?

In ancient times, the cross was used to execute people. This symbol consists of an upright and a horizontal piece. The cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and it became one of the important symbols in Christianity. Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection are the main principles in Christianity, so this symbol is important in Christianity.

In that case, when we look at the cross, we feel a sense of relief from past hurts and problems. It reminds us that Jesus has taken all bad things with him. We must always remember this, and try to live with the right principles and behavior.

Best Unique Cross Tattoo Placements

Where to get a cross tattoo?

The cross tattoos men arm can be a great idea because you can also add other interesting elements to decorate your tattoo. 

But, if you like something small, you can get it on your fingers, hand, behind the ear, and on the neck.

For a big-piece cross tattoo, you can choose your chest or shoulders where we have enough place to get a wonderful tattoo. A cross tattoo back design is also a perfect idea that you can do. In other words, you can get your tattoo on any part of your body where you want.

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cross tattoos ideas on arm for men
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jesus cross tattoo designs on  shoulder picture
images — tattooart_aram

Jesus Cross Tattoos Ideas

Lots of people deeply relate to Jesus Christ, believe in him, and are sure that Jesus is a savior, this style of tattoo is the right way to show their beliefs. Moreover, Jesus’ cross tattoos can be designed with other religious elements like nature and, the sun. As a result, this type of tattoo is often done in large sizes, so we recommend you get it on the arm, shoulder, or chest.

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Cross Prayer Hands Tattoo Ideas

Cross prayer hands tattoo ideas that lots of people want to get on their bodies. This style of tattoo consists of two hands that together make an action of praying. The prayer hands rosary tattoo can be worn for different reasons. This type of tattoo design is the best choice when it has been done to memorialize someone.

cross tattoos for guys on shoulder designs
images — tattooart_aram

In other words, you can wear a praying hands tattoo minimalist design as a memorial to a lost loved one, friend, relative, husband, and wife. although this may be true, that praying hands tattoo includes and represents meaningful ideas. Nowadays, cross-prayers tattoo designs can be chosen by both genders without any warning. 

So, when you decide to get a tattoo on your body and try to choose a design that may symbolize different ideas and be connected with religion the cross prayer hands tattoo idea is the best one.

Cross Tattoos Men Arm Prayer Hands

Prayer hands tattoo men ideas is a very popular religious body art for people. This style of tattoo design can be also represented as a memorial tattoo and decoration. The praying hands tattoo arm design is also has been done as an inspiration idea.

There are many reasons to have praying hands with a cross-designed tattoo. But, it can also be designed with other symbols and elements. The most popular are those, praying hands tattoo rosary can designed with Bible quotes and different style crosses. It also can be designed with various religious symbols and characters.

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Unique Cross Tattoo Designs

Nowadays, lots of people wear different styles and types of tattoo designs to represent their feelings or emotions. The real reason why they have done it would be difficult to describe, but we can notice for sure that tattoos have become important fashion attributes like clothes. Above all, every person has various reasons for getting a tattoo, but when we talk about cross tattoos, it generally refers to religious people or people with a certain faith.

cross tattoo ideas male on arm design
picture — tattooart_aram

Although this may be true, no matter if you are a religious person or not, if you want to get a cross tattoo, you can do it without any doubt. In this example, you can see a big cross tattoo design on a man’s shoulder. It looks very powerful and magical. So the cross is most concerned with Christianity and is one of the important symbols of faith. For this reason, depending on the person, a cross tattoo can mean something different for each one.

Where Should You Get a Cross Tattoo

So where to put your cross tattoo? Generally,  you can put it where you want to. The important question is, do you want it to be visible or not? If you want to show off your cross tattoo, put it on your arm or shoulder. Although it depends on the size, you should choose the placement where a tattoo artist can draw a large tattoo design. The shoulder is the perfect placement for a big cross tattoo, and this area is less painful, which is also an important factor for lots of people.

cross tattoo quotes on arm for male and female
image tattooart_aram

prayer hands tattoo cross design on arm
picture source tattooart_aram

christian jesus cross tattoos on shoulder design

guy cross tattoos shoulder ideas
source tattooart_aram

cross tattoo images designs on arm

Cross Tattoo Design Ideas To Keep on shoulder

Cross tattoos for men shoulder

Shoulder tattoos have become very popular among men and guys. Having a tattoo on the shoulder is also a fashionable attribute that everyone tries to follow this day. The Shoulders give us plenty of space to create here beautiful tattoo designs. Cross tattoos for men shoulders are a great idea to get a unique and meaningful tattoo. Above all, having cross tattoos on the shoulder expresses strength and power. A cross tattoo on the shoulder reminds us that God is always helping us to overcome obstacles we are facing. 

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unique cross tattoos for men on arm shoulder
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unique cross tattoos small design ideas

cross tattoos men forearm unique design to
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cross tattoos designs for men arm

cross tattoos for neck small design ideas for men

cross tattoos with wings for men small design
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cross tattoos on chest for guys design pictures

black cross tattoos on arm for mens

christian cross tattoos small design on arm
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mens forearm cross tattoos images
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christian tattoos for men arm
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little cross tattoos
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simple cross tattoos for men on arm

pretty cross tattoos on hand

arm cross tattoos with wings design

christian warrior tattoos on chest design picture

cross tattoos for women on neck design pictures

religious tattoos designs for men

small cross tattoos behind ear for men and guys

Cross Tattoo FAQs

What does cross tattoo mean

Cross tattoos can be a vital symbol of your devotion to religion. The cross has deep meaning in Christianity because Jesus died to protect humanity. It can be also a symbol of absolute love or sacrifice as it had done for humans Jesus. 

So, the cross symbols are used in after-death rituals, and it means, that we can use it as a symbol of memorial to a lost love.

The cross on the finger meaning

Having a cross tattoo on the finger does not have a specific meaning, it represents all meanings that we describe above. There are various styles of cross tattoos and also different placements to get them. Lots of people chose to get ink on the side part of their fingers. It can also be done on the right ring finger like a wedding ring.

Unique Cross Tattoo for men and women best 50 design ideas. Explore unique cross tattoos designs for your inspiration! 

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