Japanese Tattoos for Men

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Best 55 Japanese Tattoos for Men

Japanese tattoos for men are a different brand of tattoos. They have a distinct and unmistakable look, making them perhaps the most easily recognizable tattoos around the world. They come in two forms: traditional and modern. Both forms look nearly identical to each other. The main difference is the method used to apply the tattoo.

Traditional Japanese tattooing is the more authentic form and is done by hand using non-electrical tools. The tattoo artist manually inserts the ink into the skin using a special pencil-like tool. Traditional Japanese tattoos take years to finish, especially full-body designs. Not to mention, they are a lot more expensive than normal tattoos.

Irezumi is the official term for ancient pigment modifications from the island nation. In Japan, full-body ink jobs were originally associated with the samurai. In the modern era, this connotation evolved to indicate kinship with the Yakuza, but ink isn’t reserved for underground sub-cultures anymore. Fortunately, tattoos have become integrated into mainstream Tokyo styles, and the advanced form of expression is taking the country by storm.

Japanese Tattoos for Men
Japanese Tattoos for Men - Ideas and Inspiration
 tattoos are unique, cool, and ultimately
 Tattoos for Men
the ink into the skin using a special pencil-like tool

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