49 Badass Hand Tattoos Ideas for Men Unique Collection

49 Badass Hand Tattoos Ideas for Men Unique Collection


Cool hand tattoos guys are a perfect way to show the whole world who you are. Badass hand tattoos designs are not for the timid, these ink arts are a choice for men who are looking for a bold tattoo. It can be done to honor a deceased or on an important special occasion in life. We know that each symbol has a deep meaning, which describes why the person chose especially this symbol. It’s also a great way to meet people who share the same values in life. If you are planning to get ink body art this year, we have gathered some interesting designs for you.

Before getting a tattoo on your hands you should know that a part of your hand’s skin is thin and sensitive. This part can cause more pain than other parts. The back of the hand is not so sensitive and you can create tattoo cool tattoos little or large designs on them. The location could be the main important line for the hand ink artwork.

Cool tattoos on hand extensions of sleeves

Despite a lot of cool hand tattoos for guys and men for motivation, it does not only take a message but also shows the person’s strength and strong character. Some guys just want to show unique ink artwork designs. But, badass tattoos for men can be a bad idea if the person is hoping to work in professional work one day. In any case, before you get a tattoo on your hands explore if the hand is the right part of your body to get inkart.

  • Designs could be various like;
  • Black fists
  • Bones
  • Skulls
  • Lions
  • Roses
  • Anchor
  • Wolf
  • Lizard skin
  • Raven

Electric guitar cool tattoos on hand

Badass Hand Tattoos Ideas on hand images

Electric guitar tattoo is done with great technique using details and various inks. It covers the whole hand in an awkward position that can inspire anyone.

Roses cool tattoos ideas

49 rose Hand Tattoos Ideas For Men

Roses hand tattoos are popular to have tattooed for showcasing personality. It takes tatt master to easily customize the size, shapes colors, alone or with other symbols. It is possible to create dramatic, delicate, abstract, or neon rose designs that inspire everyone. You can choose a beautiful huge bunch or a black rose design idea.

anchor best hand tattoos for men images

Best hand tattoo tribal lines

eye best tattoo design for man hand images

Today is very popular to create ink artwork with ancient symbols and lines. Old symbols that come from Polynesia, and Native American cultures become important attributes that tattoo masters added to their designs. It can be one line or a group of lines with different shapes and sizes or huge scenes. Hand tattoo drawing ideas symbolize strength and safeguard. These old symbols safeguard the wearer from enemies, mythical creatures, and evil. These tattoos are fashionable all over the world, even though they lost their spiritual meaning.

skull good hand tattoos for guys pictures

dragon color hand tattoo images for man design

best tattoo designs for men hand ideas

Badass skull tattoos for guys

skull tattoo designs men hand design

Skull hand tattoos are popular among guys that symbolize death, transience and become perfect body art. It can be done on hand or above the hand, black or colorful, alone or with different symbols like anchors, roses, and others. The anchor and skull together symbolize strength and endurance.

The artist can modify the designs, especially for your hands’ size, form, and other details. Before choosing your designs it is important to know that some details may take immense time to finish them.

black crow unique hand tattoos for men

black crow mens hand and arm tattoos design

Mandala hand tattoo

mandala tattoo designs for men hand simple

A mandala hand tattoo is a perfect complex ink art designs that help us to touch sacredness and some spiritualties. This type of tattoo can be done small or huge, alone or with other symbols, colorful or black ink.

skull hand male tattoo designs

Cool hand tattoo lettering

cross hand tattoos pictures for man design
cross hand design

Our hands are a great place to put ink artwork that reminds us of important things. It can be beautiful decorative ink art that inspires everyone. To create lettering hand tattoos you can find various fonts, cursive, or trendy graffiti.

color male tattoo designs on hand pictures
color male tattoo designs on hand pictures

compass simple tattoos for men hand
compass simple tattoos for men hand

japanese dragon man hand tattoo images
japanese dragon man hand tattoo images

eye men's hand wrist tattoos design
eye men’s hand wrist tattoos design

woman portrait best hand tattoo designs for guys

cat color tattoo designs for hand man images

mexican skull tattoo designs for men hand

symbols full hand tattoo for men

tattoos on the hand for guys

tattoo for male hand design ideas 2021
tattoo for male hand design ideas 2021

skull  small hand tattoos for men

dragon simple tattoos for guys on hand

amazing hand tattoos for guys

Best hand tattoos for men skull

rose best tattoo in hand for men images

army tattoos for guys hand

tattoo pic for man on hand images

sniper hand and finger tattoos for guys

arm and hand dragon tattoo ideas

dog inspirational hand tattoo designs 2021

 inspirational hand tattoo

meaningful hand tattoos for guys

arm tattoo models male hand

dog mens tattoo designs hand

wolf and tiger tattoos on fingers for guys

tiger hand tattoo traditional design

realistic rose hand tattoo for men picture

realistic skull body artwork on hand

bird hand tattoo ideas for guys

woman head tattoos for men on hand in words

simple hand tattoos for mens

skull hand tattoo ideas for men

cool skull mens hand and finger tattoos

skull wrist hand tattoos for men design

skull mens hand and finger tattoos design images

51 Elegant Snake Tattoo Designs For Men

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Gladiator small tattoo designs for male hand images

Advices getting a hand tattoo art

The most important thing is to find the right artist, who can understand what you want to do. First, find artists around your territory do not go far it will take more time. Second, look at the artist’s portfolio. Do you like his tattoo designs? What are his best styles? In this way, you will find the best tattoo artist, who can create a real masterpiece. Talk with your artist about all details, sizes, colors, shapes, symbols, and how long it will take.

Placement for cool hand tattoos guys designs

Before getting a tattoo you should consider the placement. It is vital because depending on the placement you can talk to the master about your design or ideas you have

Cool tattoos to draw and to Take Care

After, finishing the tattoo you should think about quicker healing to get good results. You should be ready to use special ointments, and you should keep clean and avoid picking at the area. Last advice, before leaving a tattoo artist be sure you take detailed instructions about taking your new ink artwork.


Badass tattoo patterns may be an interesting trip into a new cultural world. The designs and ideas are various and everyone searching for tattoo designs that express their individualism, character, strengths, and feelings. Hand tattoos influence our mental and physical health, and also provide us with more assurance. So tattoos on our hands are the new way we need to go.

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