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20 Luxurious Wrist Tattoos for Women Unique Small Designs

Tattoos are a new fashion attribute that has become more popular all over the world. Meaningful tattoos for women attract more and more females who are ready to get at least one small tattoo on their bodies. It is not a tattoo design that people have made before. Nowadays, tattooing is becoming a serious industry, with professional tattoo artists, new tattooing methods, new tools, and new inks. Many women aren’t afraid to get a tattoo design today and show off their beautiful ink body art.

As a result, some females prefer to place tattoos on their arms, hands, wrists, and shoulders, so it will be easier for people to see their designs. Others prefer to hide them and place a tattoo on the back, stomach, and legs. Generally speaking, at first, tattoos were not done for women at the beginning of the 20th century. It was manly, masculine body art to show or represent their wild inner world. But after a decade, it also became feminine body art, and females, especially celebrities nowadays, show off their new symbols everywhere they can.

Stunning Wrist Tattoos Woman Design ( Look Incredible) You Wanted

Even though, the wrist location is a painful area for having a tattoo, plenty of women choose that area for their next tattoo. On the wrist, as we know, there is less fat and lots of nerve endings, which make this area more painful. However, females continue to get tattoos in this area because a tattoo on the wrist makes women more attractive, special, and beautiful. The wrist tattoos women design can be done with different designs and symbols, with various colors and lines.

The designs have various meanings for women; they are a great way to show their independence, freedom, and strengths. It can also represent their character and personality as a person. 

It’s true that women also prefer to get their loved ones’ names tattooed, their children’s names with other symbols, and some designs connected with family.

Small Sun Wrist Tattoos Woman Design

Sun wrist tattoos are one of the simple and minimalist design ideas that are must-haves for those who love classic style. Although this may be true, the sun tattoo we can create anywhere on the body will look good. So, the sun is the source of light and expresses it as a symbol of life, energy, power, and happiness.

Generally speaking, the honor of the sun has never stopped from ancient times until now. Many people love to wear jewelry with sun symbols; others have sun tattoos on their bodies. In terms of design, we can create different styles of sun tattoos on the wrist, small or big, colorful or black. So if you are looking for a beautiful sun tattoo on your wrist, look at this small but wonderful pattern.

It is created with black ink, which never goes out of style. It is always one of the best choices for women.

Small Sun Wrist Tattoos Woman
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OWL Wrist Tattoos on Women 

Owl tattoos are always a popular choice when we want to create animal tattoos on our bodies. Bird tattoo lovers get owl tattoos in various styles and colors. The owl represents wisdom, power, and majesty. This fascinating creature always attracts people to create different stories and draw various images about it. We collect a great wrist female tattoo gallery that helps you find your best one.

If you are interested in getting a small bird tattoo, the owl tattoo will be the perfect choice. The wrist is one of the most tattooed body parts for females. This placement allows females to create small or big tattoo designs. The owl’s tattoo on the wrist could represent a variety of things. Owl tattoos are generally associated with knowledge and wisdom, and that’s why lots of women love this beautiful symbol to get on their bodies. 

 Owl tattoo for women on the hand or wrist also means that the wearer can see through lies. The general idea is that the owl can see things in the night, so people who get this tattoo can see things that others will not have seen. 

OWL Wrist Tattoos on Women designs
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Small words Wrist Tattoos That Inspire You

When you think of getting a tattoo you have an entire body of placements to choose from. Some areas of our body offer more benefits, while others provide easy-to-hide new ink designs. A tattoo for women on the wrist is one of the stunning placements that allow a tattoo master to create almost any design. You are free to choose which size tattoo to get on your wrist. You can get a tattoo on the outer or inner side of your wrist. The outer side is a great placement for expressing your design to the whole world; on the contrary, the inner side is more intimate to keep your secret from the whole world.

If you don’t know which symbol to get on your wrist, the words or letters are always the perfect choice for everyone. Your word tattoo can be small or big, and each one has a different effect on people. You can even get wrist tattoos name designs that allow you to enjoy them every day. Although this may be true, the majority of females have chosen small tattoos on their wrists. So, wrist tattoos for women are an ideal canvas to get stunning designs that can be easily hidden and also show off all over the world.

Where do wrist tattoos originally come from?

Wrist tattoos were first gotten by people who adventured in the ocean. The first wrist tattoo was very simple and common—just one black symbol. In the middle of the 1960s, members of the gay community used tattoos to represent their sexuality. Nowadays, wrist tattoos on women are one of the fashionable attributes that inspire millions of females all over the world.

Small words Wrist Tattoos That Inspire You
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Tiny Heart Tattoo for Women on Wrist

Heart tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo symbols that inspire females to get this simple but meaningful symbol on their bodies. The heart represents many ideas, such as love, passion, happiness, and lots of meanings. This is a symbol that everyone can get on without long thinking. Heart wrist tattoos for women can be done in various styles and types, it is possible to create millions of variants. In addition, a heart tattoo can be done with a lot of other symbols, each carrying its own unique and deep meaning. A tiny heart tattoo is a timeless and attractive design idea for females.

Small and simple heart tattoo designs

The heart tattoo designs on the body can say a lot about a wearer. A heart tattoo on the wrist expresses our emotions and can be done alone or with various symbols in complex designs. It doesn’t matter where you plan to place your small heart tattoo, it always represents your inner emotions, feelings, and attitudes.

A simple heart tattoo for women’s ideas on wrist always attracts attention, doesn’t matter if it is a big, colorful, or minimalist black design. We all love, and a heart tattoo is always one of the most important choices for females.

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Symbols Meaningful Wrist Tattoos for Women

As can be described above, meaningful wrist tattoos for women carry different meanings depending on symbol designs, types, and individual interpretations. Various symbol designs can represent determination, power, or a reminder of important life events and people. For this reason, some symbols can be used with feathers, animals, letters, hearts, etc.

Small and simple heart tattoo designs
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Om Tattoo Designs on Wrist for Women

In general, tattoos are all about attracting others’ attention and representing your feelings, and emotions to the whole world. Despite this, this is only a colored picture of your skin, but it inspires you and becomes an important part of your life. Om tattoos are a good choice for those, who love quotes and inspiring symbols. The Om symbol is a special scripture in the Eastern religion Hinduism. This symbol is regarded as the engine of life and profound spiritualism. As a result, om tattoo designs on the wrist for women have become popular in the West today.

Om wrist tattoos for women have spiritual meanings because this symbol flows with special; curved lines that represent the whole cycle of our life and death. From ancient times until now, this beautiful symbol has expressed the existence of the whole universe.

It is also revered as the origin of the first sound of life on earth. For this reason, plenty of females around the world are tattooing this magical om symbol on their wrists.

Om Tattoo Designs on Wrist
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Om Placement Ideas for Women

The placement of tattoo designs is always one of the most important parts of tattooing. In that case, Om tattoo design requires a special placement on the body. The wearer should choose a placement that allows her to show her magic symbol to others without difficulty. For this reason, lots of women create om tattoos on the inner side of their wrists.

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Placement Importance

If you decide to get a tattoo on your wrist but don’t know which side of your wrist to get it on, you are in the right place. Choosing the right placement on the wrist is important to having a wonderful tattoo. For wrist tattoos, we have three variants: the inner side of the wrist, which is less visible. The outer wrist is more visible and allows for the creation of a large canvas. So, the third one is when the tattoo design wraps around the entire wrist. Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages, and the decision depends on the woman’s character and preferences.

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