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Yin yang tattoo meaning design ideas for women is one of the popular symbols for tattooing. Despite, the simple look and a little boring style, this symbol inspired a lot of females to get it in their skin.

Hence, today this symbol spread all over the world and combined with other symbols to be one of the popular designs. There are so many beautiful variations of this tattoo it will be difficult to choose only one. In this post, we try to describe all the important nuances of this beautiful symbol. 

Simple Unique Yin Yang Tattoo Life and Death Balance Symbol for Women

Yin yang tattoo grew in popularity in the 1990s and continues to stay one of the trendiest symbols for females till today. It’s not surprising because of the profound meaning of a yin-yang tattoo design. 

If a sense of stability is important to you or you want to live with balance and harmony in your life, read this article and you will find your next best tattoo design. Below we find and collect creative yin yang tattoos. We hope this article will help you find a tattoo design you’d be proud to show off.

Yin Yang Symbol Meaning 

It’s important to understand the origin, history, and meaning of the symbol, which you decided to get in your skin. Some of these symbols are very popular or they are easy to recognize. The opposite of them, others have hidden meanings and are connected with a unique tradition, culture, and philosophy. It is worth learning information beforehand.

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meaning of yin yang tattooFor Women

When two opposing energies are moved as interrelated and counterbalancing, this process is called yin-yang. This philosophical concept comes from the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism. Old Chinese philosophy of Taoism describes that all processes in the cosmos are connected harmoniously.

The Chinse symbol yin yang represents this process. The circle is divided into two halves the — yin black color and the — yang white color. 

Two halves also have a little circle of the opposing color inside it, representing that one cannot exist without the other.

What Does a Yin Yang Tattoo Means?

Some people get a yin-yang symbol to signify that they need someone’s help to bring stability to their lives. This ancient symbol also combines great emotional ink body art for family, couples, and friends. Creative yin yang tattoos ideas are also can serve as a powerful source of personal achievement. 

Although, for people who had to face a lot of hard challenges and problems in their ways to achieve the goals and harmony that they have strived for. Even more, this symbol is a reminder about the victory or what you have reached before. If you have done it before you can get your best result now.

Melting pot yin and yang ideas

These are interesting tattoo design ideas that could be very beautiful on your skin. This design is a little bit different from classic designs, and the lines are separated and two halves of colors are a little combined. Two colors are infused with each other, and the two opposing energies coexist in each of us.

 simple unique yin yang tattoo on leg for girls images

Yin Simbol ideas

The yin symbol is a half part of the yin and yang tattoo and represents a unique energy. The yin is more associated with the moon, feminity energy, and has a deep influence on the earth and us.

Attributes associated with yin:

  • Cold 
  • Winter 
  • Rest
  • Darkness
  • Valleys
  • Transformation
  • Softness
  • Passivity
  • Water
  • Docile
  • Quiet

Yang Simbol

The yang symbol represents the masculine energy, the light. The yang energy can be done in various forms, with animals, and different colors.

Attributes associated with yang:

  • Mountains
  • Odd Numbers
  • Activity
  • Hardness
  • The Sun
  • Color White
  • Fire
  • Warmth
small yin yang tattoo For girls on neck picture

Trendy yin yang tattoo fish design

Fish and yin yang symbols display how opposite things constantly moving on our planet and in our inner world. This is a beautiful and elegant tattoo design for women and girls. If you want to put this symbol on your skin, you should know that these two symbols together show the dual aspect of our inner world.

cool yin yang designs for girls women on leg

Best yin yang tattoo for men

Tattoos of the Yin Yang have been popular not only among women but also among men. The profound significance of these two symbols can be a real motivation power to inspire everyone. If you prefer to balance and contrast your life this tattoo is the best choice for you.

yin yang tattoo minimal design images

Black White YinYang Sketch ideas

These two black — white yin yang symbols have light and dark pattern ideas. These two symbols move in the opposite direction around the circle. Black and white colors make these old symbols stunning designs.

best yin yang tattoo on arm for women

Best Yin Yang Tattoo Mandala ideas female

Yin yang tattoo ideas female can be created with mandala symbols. Generally, the mandala is a spiritual symbol that more used by people connected to the Buddhist and Hindu religions. The concept of the mandala tattoo design represents that everything in the world is connected. The yin yang mandala art tattoo design works perfectly visually and symbolically for females.

mandala yin and yang symbol tattoo
design ideas

back yin yang designs images for ledies

feather yin yang tattoo  on back

arm pisces yin yang tattoo designs images

women back yin yang tribal tattoo designs  picture

Yang tattoo with lotus flower

In general lotus flowers are associated with beauty, rebirth, and resurrection. The lotus flower in the Eastern culture contains yin and yang energies, the balance of masculine and feminine energies. Lotus can also represent open-heartedness and love. The yin/yang symbol is one of the important symbols of the philosophy of Taoism.

black yin yang tattoo designs for couples images

Tattoo placement yin yang

There are various variations of these symbol designs. The designs can be done in various styles, sizes, along with other symbols like animals, flowers, and things. Yin-yang tattoo placement also varies and everyone wants to do something different and unique. So, the placement is individual choice questions. Depending on the pain tolerance this symbol can be created:

  • Head
  • Behind the ear
  • On face
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Arm
  • Hand
  • Forearm
  • Fingers
  • Wrist
  • Stomach
  • Legs
  • Foot

If you want to create a small one to be able to cover it you can choose behind the ear, chest, back, and legs. Simple design does not draw too much attention, but if you want to showcase your tattoo choose your arm, forearms, fingers, and face.

shoulder back yin yang mandala tattoo design images

Yin yang tattoo minimalist design

Yin yang is a Chinese cultural philosophy that is at least 4000 years old and its profound basis of philosophy Taoism. The symbol concept displays that everything in the universe is opposing each other energy forces like moon- sun, dark — light, evil — good.

Two force’s energies always competing and their balance progresses are the cause for everything. The philosophy is represented by a symbol of a circle separated into two halves by a curved line. 

Each half of the yin-yang symbol has a small dot of the opposing color, which shows that these two cannot be one without the other. The minimalist design of the Yin yang tattoo creates this symbol without any symbols and lines, black and white color.

best tattoo of yin yang symbol on arm design

yin and yang tree of life tattoo on neck ideas

small cool yin and yang tattoos

women arm yin yang sign tattoo images

colour abstract yin yang tattoo ideas

shoulder back unique yin yang tattoo images

shoulder red yin yang best friend tattoos

leg yin yang tattoo designs for girls

women back yin and yang tattoo design images

yin and yang koi fish balck design

yin and yang koi fish on back

behind ear yin yang symbol tattoo

sun and moon yin yang tattoo on foot

girls yin yang mandala tattoo

Fish Yin yang tattoo koi fish designs

The yin yang tattoo koi fishdesigns are very trendy among women, who want to reach a sense of stability. Japanese yin yang koi fish tattoo represents overcoming difficulties in life. The koi fish with yin yang symbols represent the philosophical concept of yin and yang tattoo symbol. Koi fish tattoo minimalist designs ideas that’s why some people like to add other symbols with it such as flowers.

The designs of yin yang tattoo koi fish can be created with colorful ink or with two colors black and white. When the two fish are put on the same person it shows the person’s two sides personality, individualism and complexity. 

foot coy fish yin yang design images

Matching yin yang symbol tattoo meaning 

We all love to spend time with our friends, family, for couples and often find some things that we see in our friends and family members want to copy. Ink body art is a good way to create some interesting tattoos for you and your friends.

This Chinse tattoo design is a perfect idea in that you can choose one half for you and the other half for others.

Of course, this is the best way to represent your connection to your friend. When couples choose this symbol, it shows how well they understand and feel each other. The design of this symbol can be varied. Colorful, big, small, alone, with other symbols, and different geometric ideas and we can put the tattoo on different placements.

neck yin yang tribal tattoo for women

leg yin yang sun moon tattoo ideas images

back watercolor yin yang tattoo for girls

best back neck japanese yin yang tattoo images

cool shoulder yin yang koi fish tattoo designs

best colorful yin yang tattoo images

yin yang fish symbol tattoo on wrist design

yang yin tattoo tree on back for women

japanese yang yin tattoo on women back

New Yin yang dragon meaning tattoo idea

Dragon symbols have always been a popular design in the world of ink body art. With this symbol dragon became very unique tattoo ideas that display a profound and powerful message.

The dragon itself represents power, strength, courage, and firmness. Traditionally the dragon symbol is associated with «yang» masculine wild energies.

Dragon tattoo design with a yin and yang symbol can inspire you to balance your inner two energies wild and controlled mind.

best back fire and water yin yang tattoo

Are Yin or Yang more powerful ink body art?

It is important to keep these two powerful opposites energetic in balance within yourself. If you want to achieve harmony in your life, you should understand these two opposite energies represent light-good energy and dark-bad energy. So, these two energies should be balanced to help you to reach wholeness.

Yin or Yang symbols are believed to have more power than other symbols, but the power comes when these two energies are in balance and circulating easily.      

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women elephant yin yang tattoo on back  ideas images

mandala yin and yang koi fish tattoo arm design

colorful yin yang tattoo on chest for girls picture

arm colour yin yang dream catcher tattoo temporary symbols

 mandala yin yang infinity tattoo design ideas

girls leg  temporary tattoo images

 sun and moon tattoo on back for female

small  yang tattoo hand

Yin yang tattoo meaning for women? 

Eastern philosophy tattoos the Yin-Yang symbol, also known as the fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy, representing the dualistic nature of existence. 

Chinese symbol tattoo consists of a circle divided into two halves by a curved line, one half being black Yin and the other white Yang. Within each half, there is a smaller circle of the opposite color, symbolizing the interconnectedness and interdependence of opposing forces. 

A Yin-Yang tattoo combines two powerful symbols: the Yin-Yang representing balance and harmony;

  • Balance and Harmony: The Yin-Yang symbolizes the balance of opposing forces in the universe, such as light and dark, feminine and masculine, sun and moon. 
  • Feminine Empowerment: For women, this tattoo can also symbolize empowerment and strength in both the light and dark aspects of life.   
small best friend tattoo on chest images

 Which is the best place to put the yin yang symbol? 

The best placement for a Yin-Yang balance tattoo on a female body can be done depending on personal preference, the size of the tattoo, the design difficulties, and other attributes.

Here are some popular pleasing placements for females:

  • Wrist: A small harmony tattoo on the wrist can be subtle and elegant.
  • Ankle: Balance tattoo on the ankle can be delicate it is a popular choice for those who want to hide them.
  • Behind the ear: This placement painful but stylish option for a Yin-Yang tattoo.
  • Finger: An opposite tattoo on one of the fingers can be attractive and interesting.
  • Upper back: Yin-Yang tattoo on the upper back, between the shoulder blades, can allow tattoo artists to create large and meaningful designs.

The best placement for this Chinese old balance symbol tattoo on a female is one that aligns with her personal style, preferences, design difficulties, and comfort level. 

temporary tattoos for girls on spine

Wolf yin yang tattoos

The wolf yin yang tattoos combine two powerful symbols like a wolf and an ancient yin yang design. The wolf symbolizes with strength, loyalty, and collective, and individual symbols. On the skin, this symbol represents the person’s freedom, the spirit of independence, and fierce protection. 

The yin yang represents connections of all things on earth and symbolizes harmony balance between two opposing forces. These two symbols together represent a very profound concept: the great harmony between two opposite energies in our lives.

These two powerful symbol designs represent strength, balance, and interconnectedness.

Harmony and Balance in Life

The Chinse yin yang symbol symbolizes the deep concept of stunning balance in the universe. It shows the idea that all opposing energies are interconnected and complementary to each other.

The wolf is an animal that likes independent and free-spirited nature. Whit the yin yang symbol showcases the importance of stability in our lives. It reminds us of the importance of our wild and peaceful sides’ harmonies for our personal growth.

Contrast Nature Life 

The wolf yin yang tattoo mirrors the duality that we all have. Wolf can represent wild and primal instincts and our strength, and courage. Yin-yang displays the contrasting of our personalities such as darkness and lights and feminine and masculine energy.

Transformation life

These two symbols also display a journey of inner transformation. The wolf symbol represents our instinctual self, and the yin yang represents balance and personal growth.

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