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27 Colorful tattoos for females trendy Style designs


Cute colorful tattoos for females are one of the fashionable ink artwork that inspires females to get them. Great, colorful dreamcatcher tattoos are popular not only among the younger generation today but also among people over 40. The bright, colorful cover up tattoos always attract people’s attention, and with perfect designs, they could be true artwork. Today, young females like to decorate their bodies in many different ways, particularly with brightly colored ink art.

In this article, we will try to help you find the best colorful temporary tattoos design patterns and important information you need to know before you get a tattoo. Therefore, we can find new modifications of colorful geometric tattoos every day. Moreover, artists regularly work or create new styles of ink tattoo art that look grateful. Realistic, colorful tattoos designs require a lot of attention to detail and colour which brings them alive on the skin.

Are tattoos with color better?

Colorful tattoos are the ink symbols that people especially girls and women like and want to have on their bodies. But in any case, body ink art is a very personal thing and it is not for all people. Before creating a symbol on the body everyone should be ready;

  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Physically
  • Spiritually

Why bright color tattoos For Girls?

  • One simple line,
  • Multicolour small and big symbols
  • Different religious symbol
  • Peoples or animals names
  • Word or Letters initials

There are a lot of different ways that ladies and girls could express themselves through beautiful and spiritual symbols. The big option of tattoo is to help girls and women look perfect, and get more attention than usual.

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dream catcher tattoo ideas for females on arm

Most important Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

When we think to create a beautiful tattoo on our body, there are several important questions or things that we must decide before.

. Size symbols

. Location

. Pattern 

. Colours 

Before now all tattoos were had been created only by black colour, but now special bright colors attract more and more people to use them. What we should know about colours, first that not every colour stay so longer than others.

Colorful tattoo designs on arm

colorful tattoo ideas for females on arm images

Unique colored arm tattoos for females best way to show your personality if it was created especially for you and your unique body. To decorate your body with different bright colours could be a better idea for changing your style. Colorful tattoos for females with various types of flowers became inspirational body artwork. Look at this beautiful pattern colored tattoo for ladies on arm.

Black colour ink art tattoo for females

ink art tattoo design on female arm

Black and grey cute small tattoos for females that is temporary and perfect. In this image, we can see two different types of tattoo symbol designs mountains, trees and the smallest lines on the arm. It is important to find the perfect symbols ideas for small body art especially for you.

Flower tattoo designs on upper back

colorful tattoos flower design on back

Flower tattoo designs on upper back for females are popular today. There are so many different options simple flower tattoos that will be difficult to choose only one. You can find only one flower simple designs patterns or various flowers from – a bundle of wildflowers with abstract symbols.

Small flower tattoo designs eye-catchy ideas

minimalist flower tattoo on arm for females

Small flower tattoo designs ideas are becoming trendy not only among the young generation. Flower tattoo ideas conquered million’s female hearts around the world. Therefore, females from different cultures choose various flowers with other colours.

Gorgeous floral tattoos can be in particular types, sizes and colours. Placement for getting floral tattoos are also different. Where is the best place to put a rose tattoo? As a result, you can get simple flower tattoo designs on any part of your body it is only a personal choice.

Small bird tattoos for females admirable examples

small bird tattoos for females on arm design ideas

When we search online female ink body art ideas we will find many bird tattoo designs. Why is bird tattoo for ladies and women so popular? It is because bird tattoos are very attractive and bring out delicate traits or massage to women. On the other hand, a small or big bird tattoo on a female is always inspiring as creative great body art. Moreover, a lot of women fall in love with bird tattoo ideas because they can show their inner deep feelings.

small black rose tattoo contemporary ideas

The small black rose tattoo on arm for female ink ideas

Small black and white rose tattoo on a women arm is an admirable piece of body art for a female who evaluates art options. If you don’t want to get a colourful rose tattoo, this colour combination can be a magnificent concept. Look at this black and white small rose tattoo on the female arm and think about your next ink art.

colorful butterfly tattoo for ladies

colorful butterfly tattoo on arm for females trendy design

What to choose when we decide to get a tattoo on our arm? So, characters are different and everyone should find the best one that satisfies him/her. If you want to find the symbol that will change your life or your emotions a butterfly tattoo design can be the best.

Butterfly ink art symbolizes a new change in our life. The butterfly symbol also shows that our lives are not so long as we all think. The period of hard life changes unexpectedly all of us. For females who live in a difficult period of their life, small colorful tattoos can be a great source of power and inspiration. 

Blue butterfly colored unique tattoos for females as we see on this pattern performs bliss and luck. With a woman portrait, blue butterfly body ink art looks temporary and stunning. Below we present some information about the symbol of the butterfly tattoo in different cultures;

  • Japanese style butterfly tattoo: — Demonstrate marriage and ceremony
  • Chinese style butterfly tattoo: — Demonstrate gentle, good looks
  • Indian style butterfly tattoo: — Demonstrate elegance, the charm of women

Small colorful traffic light tattoo for females

Colorful traffic light tattoo on women leg ideas

When a lot of people think of getting a tattoo on their body, it is important firstly, decide about ink body art designs, placement, size, colours, price. Secondly, the important thing is it will be painful or not? Moreover, everyone should know that not all tattoo designs look better in bright colours or with traditional black colour. 

In the tattoo industry, there are tone designs that have been done only by black colour, and thousands of unique pattern colourful abstract tattoos. A small colourful traffic light tattoo on ladies leg look good and attractive. As a result, the traffic light on the street tells us how fast to drive and when to turn to left or right. So, colourful traffic light tattoos on the body mean that people keep themselves between the lines of social rules.

Mongoose tattoos on arm ideas

cut mongoose tattoo for females on arm images

A lot of people in our universe like animals and it is not strange to see animals picture tattoos on people’s bodies. Therefore, every person chooses the animal that he or she feels a resemblance with this animals. In this pattern, we can see beautiful small mongoose forearm tattoos for females that look very creative and elegant.

The mongoose is a small carnivorous animal with a long kind face. These funny animals are very impulsive, and strong that they are even don’t afraid of snakes. So, if you want to get an animal’s tattoo on your body this type of ink art idea can be a perfect choice.

Colorful feminine tattoos Cartoons

colorful feminine tattoos cartoons design ideas on arm

Ink body art, become an important fashion style trend for a lot of people today. Tattoo symbols do not give a person’s individual look but also show their own thinking of everything. So, the unique designs that have inspired you could be colorful cartoons tattoos.

Cartoons are important things from our childhood and have a great role in our personal development. A lot of us remind our happy childhood episodes we watched our darling cartoons. So, cartoons tattoo designs give us happy and warm emotions that we need a lot today. Look at this covering up colored tattoos on a lady’s arm and decide the tattoo designs for the next time.

Lovely small black cat tattoos on chest

small black cat tattoos on chest for women images

Cats are one of the beloved pets that a lot of people keep in their homes. Now cat symbols tattoo ideas are getting popularity in the ink body art industry. Moreover, cat tattoo designs before getting only females but now some guys also tattooing beautiful cat symbols on their skin.

Cat coolest small tattoos for female’s designs can be in different forms, various colors, and have meaningful ideas. Afterwards, as a cat very flexible animal in nature, the cat tattoo also can be done in various styles and colors. Small Black cats face tattoos are associated with changing life fortunes and many myths and legends.

flower tattoo on back shoulder with snake

Peony flower tattoo on back shoulder for female design

Beautiful Back Shoulder flower Tattoo Designs is a perfect idea to show your personality. Flowers are the most beautiful symbols in ink body art that give the female body a fascinating look. In this image, we can see the Peony tattoo on the shoulder of a female with a small snake. Peony tattoo designs in many cultures have different meanings and describe in various ways.

Peony flower monarchy symbols that mainly use in big ceremonies and various holidays. In Japanese traditions, peony flower symbols show bravery and good fortune. A peony tattoo design on a women shoulder looks very sensitive and show the female inner harmony.

Small bee tattoo on foot

bee tattoo on foot for female pretty colorful pattern

The Bee Tattoo Design Ideas for women on foot are a great symbol. These busy insects are working hard to produce honey that we all like. The bee is also an important insect for our environment. Now bee becomes tattoo trends that popularity is rising year by year.

The best idea of the bee tattoo above all, everyone can get it on the body. It does not matter you are men or a woman. Bee small foot tattoos for females colourful designs inspire everyone. A lot of females like colourful bee tattoo because it is more attractive. Yellow and black colours perfectly showcase bee tattoos on the female body, like in this picture.

Best Red rose tattoo design on leg

red rose tattoo design for women on leg

Red rose tattoo design stay trendy for many years. Big or tiny red rose tattoo style always look fantastic alone or with other symbols. The style and design of the red rose tattoo can be very different. Before getting red rose ink art research the perfect piece of design.

Firstly, ask your tattoo artist can he/she create realistic works. Red and black rose ink art tent to become the most trendy ideas now. It is important that rose tattoo very attractive, powerful and you are must be ready to stand the centre of attention. When you are 18-40 it is ok, but when you’re 50 — 60 years old it can disturb you. Moreover, if you are choosing a red rose small or big tattoo design you should refresh the colour every two years.

Pretty colorful rose tattoo designs patterns

colorful rose tattoo designs on leg for female

Today females most commonly choose floral ink body art especially rose tattoos small or big. As a result, the colourful rose tattoo looks very lovely and stunning. Moreover, if you want to get a romantic and feminine tattoo, you should take your attention to floral body ink art.

As a result, rose tattoos come in a variety of colours but the red colour is most popular. The red colour rose tattoo symbolise hot love and happy life. Therefore, a lot of females around the world choose red small unique rose tattoos as a symbol of their love memory.

Elephant tattoo designs Colorful ideas

elephant tattoo designs on leg for females images

The Elephant  colored tattoos for ladies trendy Style one of the greatest and popular tattoo that like  females. This type of body ink art come in many colours and sizes, in different poses. Before going tattoo salon, every female should know that elephants are the largest animals on our earth.  So, this big animal has unique body structures, in other words, you must decide before where to get your new body art.  Amazing elephant tattoos ideas can be in realistic or a bit cartoon version if you want.

What are Elephants tattoo Symbolism?

Small or big colorful elephant tattoo design has a deeper meaning. In general elephant tattoo design symbolize big power, good luck.  Women and ladies most choose colourful elephant designs, because they are more bright and beautiful.

woman face tattoo ideas with wings

woman face tattoo ideas on arm with wings design

The woman faces a black tattoo on the female arm. Beautiful and unique arm tattoos for women and ladies great ideas and Designs. This is some spiritual women face design that inspired a lot of people.

Words tattoo on arm or Phrase body ink Ideas

Words tattoo on arm or Phrase body ink Ideas for women

The popularity of the word and phrase tattoo continues to rise every day. This type of tattoo can be done on a visible part of the female body on arms, hands. Words tattoo on arm for women or ladies can make a different meaning depending on the words or phrases. It is one of the best ways to keep the important moment in your life always with you.

It can be one word or a group of words, for example, your dream, inspiring moments, love or hopeful ideas. Words tattoo on arm creating a fantastic look for females arms.

Small koi fish tattoo designs colored ideas

small koi fish tattoos Designs Ideas on arm

Cut colored small koi fish tattoos designs ideas look strangely beautiful especially on women arms. If you want to find more interesting body art ideas than just a black image, choose a fish colored tattoo. In different cultures fish, colored tattoo designs signify various meanings.

Trendy colored small koi fish tattoo designs are the most popular body ink art nowadays. Fish Small tattoos for the arm come with many options that you should decide before getting a tattoo. Colored tattoo on arm girl prefers to use bright colours to attract people’s attention. Now find your inspiration designs and enjoy!

Street lamp tattoo designs on arm for ladies

Street lamp tattoos or Lantern tattoo designs are very popular among people who understand real body ink arts meanings. Why are these types of tattoo designs so popular? To answer this question you should know what means this symbol.

Modern lanterns different symbols can have different meanings in various cultures. For instance, a lantern or street lamp tattoo will be mean the great joy of life, overcome difficulties, and beginning a new way. Even more, this body art symbol connects owners with the first lights that have been installed in Paris many years ago.

Water drop tattoo Ink Ideas on arm

Water drop tattoo Ink Ideas on arm

Cut Water drop tattoo designs with small flowers in the drop are really interesting body art. As we know water is one of the important molecules on our planet that provides the start of life. Water drop tattoo designs today become popular day by day among ladies and women.

If you are interested in feminine tattoo designs water drop tattoo ideas could be perfect. Look at our body art pattern which inspires you. This water droplet tattoo designs on the ladies arm look good and exclusive.

Water drop tattoo meaning

A water drop tattoo symbolizes a new life and harmony between all molecular compounds that exist in our earth.

foxy tattoo on arm for female design ideas

flower tattoo design for females on arm images

flower tattoos on arm design trendy style

quote tattoos for women



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