Henna Tattoo For Women Temporary Designs

20 Henna Tattoo Designs For Girls (Temporary Ideas)

Henna tattoo for women comes in a range of blacks, browns, and reds and can last up to a few weeks on the skin. Whether it’s geometric designs, or wild, large pieces, hunt down your nearest. Henna artist and have a go yourself! So, how long does it last? Well, that depends on your body make up, everyone is different.

Henna tattoos will generally last between 1 and 3 weeks, with most people’s lasting between 10 days and 14 days. The henna will fade over this time, it won’t just be there one day and gone the next. The placement of a henna tattoo can be so different, so it is up to you to decide.


Let`s break out what henna is. It is a paste that consists of crushed branches and leaves of a henna tree. It can be of different colors from dark brown, to marron and white. Nowadays a lot of people chose to try a henna tattoo before getting a real ink one. However, originally this kind of tattoos comes from North Africa and South Asia where this plant grows.

Your skin

Once you’ve got your henna powder and applicators you will want to do a skin test, like you do with a home hair dye kit. In some cases, people are allergic to henna, so it’s important to test first. Allergies can cause severe reactions or even long lasting damage on your skin so it always pays to be safe. If you are hennna tattooing on your friends make sure to test first too – everyone is different.  

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henna tattoo design for hands images
henna tattoo design for hands images

Ancient Egypt and has since spread to countries like India and Saudi Arabia. In the modern era, henna tattoos are a perfect option for the girl who wants something stylish and exotic without making a permanent commitment. The art of mehndi (or mehandi) has been a long-standing tradition stemming from many ancient cultures. IT is mostly known today for its history and prevalence in India.

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cute henna tattoo b

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flowers henna tattoo design ideas picture

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henna tattoo foot designs for girls

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