Tattoo Ideas for Girls

31 Small Women Tattoo Ideas that’ll Make You Want 


Small women tattoo ideas can be the best way to express your feelings and emotions. A tattoo is a unique way to communicate with ink art and with your statement. The small tattoo ideas become very popular among women and girls. It is one of the important fashionable attributes that females like to wear today. Sometimes the small tattoo designs can be more delicate than the big ones

Getting a tattoo is becoming trendy year by year, as a result, lots of people already have tattoos on their bodies. The designs and styles are different and, as can be seen, everyone chooses a design that expresses their inner world. The small women tattoo ideas, of course, are more delicate and feminine. So, if you are looking for delicate and subtle small tattoo designs, you have come to the best place. In this article, we have combined small tattoo ideas for women’s and ladies. From colorful big to black minimalist ink art designs that will inspire you to copy them right now.

Inspiration designs and symbols look very gorgeous on the females’ bodies and it mustn’t be very large to make an impact. This is a great small tattoo gallery that can be helpful to you in finding your dream design. Let’s go and enjoy it!


Unique Small Tattoo Drawings Ldeas 

Tiny tattoos are one of the young trends that inspire a lot of people to choose ink art as a way to represent their world. These tiny beautiful mall tattoo ideas can show the person’s unique character. What are the best tiny tattoos and their meanings that you could do? Every female must find a tattoo design that will inspire and stimulate her to get it on her body. Don’t worry, small tattoo design ideas can be a very powerful symbol.

Cute small tattoo ideas with meaning

  • Favorite song
  • Name of a loved person
  • nature and animals
  • letters quotes
  • Tree and flowers
  • Stars and planets
  • Heart symbol
  • Earth and the moon

Nowadays small tattoos with deep meanings are becoming more widespread People become more tolerant of tattooed females, for this reason, it allows women and girls to show their small tattoos without any worry. These symbols make females’ bodies more beautiful and sexual. Sometimes it is difficult to choose only one design. You can choose small letters, words, flowers, planets, animals, people’s faces, and many other things for your next body art. As you can see there are tons of designs and ideas for small tattoos.

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Small Bird Tattoo Designs for Women

small  bird tattoos on back for girls design
small bird tattoos on back for girls colourful design

Bird small tattoo ideas for females are one of the classy patterns that can inspire you. Bird tattoos are a very flexible symbol that allows everyone to get them. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you are an animal and nature lover or not. The bird tattoos are very meaningful, which is great for both genders. Bird’s elegant small tattoo ideas can represent:

  • Freedom
  • Adventure
  • Cheery
  • Risk

A tattoo artist uses various bird types to create meaningful small bird designs. They are ravens, owls, flamingos, etc. Each type of bird has its unique meanings, so before getting it on your body research to know, what this particular bird symbol means. There is a unique small bird tattoo on the back of a woman with red and black colors. Another key point is that it is easy to hide the bird’s small tattoo.

Small Name Wrist Tattoo

If you decide to get a small tattoo on your body, the first step is to find a placement for it. For small name tattoos, the wrist will be a great canvas for your next piece of ink body art. The wrist can be the perfect flat surface area for your next or first tattoo. It will make your wrist look more beautiful and popular. If you want your tattoo to be visible this placement will be perfect. But if you don’t want to show your tattoo choose another placement.

The small name wrist tattoo is a great way to honor someone very important to you. It shows that you are always ready to love them. It could be your parents’ names, your lover’s guy’s name, your best friend’s name, or even the name of spiritual persons. For example, you could even tattoo your name on your wrist.

small name tattoo ideas for girl on hand
small name tattoo ideas for girl on hand

Sun and Moon Tattoo on Wrist

These two symbols can represent energy that balances not only the world but also, a relationship between two individuals. They are very flexible symbols that allow a tattoo master to use them as the basic shape or modify them as the wearer wants. You can even add different symbols to make it more beautiful and complex. Through time these two symbols have served as energy symbols in different religions and cultures. Nowadays, sun and moon symbol designs have become interesting tattoo designs for females.

 small sun and moon tattoo on arm
small sun and moon tattoo on arm for girls

Generally speaking, the meaning and unique interpretation of these tattoo designs depend on a person’s life experiences and requirements. So, the changing moon can also represent nature’s transformation and the cycle of life. And the sun can represent the balance and ability to keep everything in the right way.

Small Number Tattoo on Leg 

Tattoo for women ideas are various styles and designs that make it easy to find the best one for everyone. So, legs provide a flat surface where is possible to create creative tattoo designs. While leg tattoos are not as popular as tattoos on the shoulder or arms. But, a tattoo for women feet can be a stunning way to express the inner world and emotions. The leg allows to create a truly stunning story in every inch of the leg skin.

 number tattoo on leg for female small design image
Cute number tattoo on leg design ideas

The leg consists of different parts that allow a tattoo master to create a tattoo in any part of the leg such as around the knee, the ankle, toys, etc.

Number tattoos can be drawn in very different styles and shapes. So, if you want to create small women tattoo ideas the number symbol will be great for it. You can have a special lucky number or an important date. You can choose many variants for your next tattoo design. Moreover, you can choose your wedding date, and your child’s birthdate. Legs work perfectly for the small number of tattoo designs because they can provide plenty of flat areas. 

Mountain tattoo ideas

mountain tattoo ideas on chest for females design
tiny mountain tattoo ideas on chest

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Small snake tattoo

small snake tattoo  on arm for girls with images
small snake tattoo arm design for girls

Traditional leaf tattoo

small leaf tattoo on arm for female ideas
small leaf tattoo on arm

The Small tattoo ideas for hand

small tattoo ideas for hand pictures
small tattoo ideas for hand pictures

Birds tattoo on arm

birds tattoo on arm small  design
birds tattoo on arm for female

Outline heart tattoo

outline heart tattoo on arm designs with pictures
outline heart tattoo on arm designs with pictures

Name tattoo on thigh

name tattoo on thigh  for ladies ideas
Name tattoo on thigh for ladies ideas

Tattoo on chest

tattoo on chest design for girls
tattoo on chest design for girls

Minimalist cactus tattoo

minimalist cactus tattoo
minimalist cactus tattoo on hand for ladies design

Dog tattoo small

dog tattoo small on hand
dog tattoo small on hand for female design images

Arm tattoo black

arm tattoo black design for female
arm tattoo black tiny design for female

Heart tattoo on hands

heart tattoo on hands
heart tattoo on hands small design ideas

Small tattoo on wrist

small tattoo on side of wrist for women
small tattoo on side of wrist for women design pictures

Simple letter tattoo

simple letter tattoo  fonts
simple letter tattoo fonts on hand for girls

Roman letter tattoo

roman letter tattoo on arm design
roman letter tattoo on arm image

Name Words tattoo arm

words tattoo arm design for  female
words tattoo arm for female

Words to get tattoo

words to get tattoo on arm girls
words to get tattoo on arm for girls design

Stars tattoo on hand

stars tattoo on hand small design
stars tattoo hand design for girls images

Cross tattoos for women

cross tattoos for women on arm pictures
cross tattoos for women on arm pictures

Name tattoo designs on wrist

name tattoo designs on wrist for girls
name tattoo designs on wrist for girls

Small initial tattoo on wrist

small initial tattoo on wrist
small initial tattoo on wrist for womendesign

Cute small tattoo wrist designs

small tattoo wrist designs images
Cute small tattoo wrist designs

Tattoo of number 8

tattoo of number 8 on arm for female
tattoo of number 8 design

Bird tattoo in hand

bird tattoo in hand
Cool bird tattoo in hand design ideas

Small tattoo on chest

small tattoo on chest for girls
best place for a small tattoo

Tiny heart tattoo

tiny heart tattoo on arm for women
tiny heart tattoo on arm women like


How long does small tattoo take?

So, this is the most frequently asked question, how long will it take to get a tiny tattoo? As a result, it depends on the design difficulties, the image size, and the artist’s professional skills. For example, a small tattoo with a minimalist design may take between 15 and 20 minutes.

  Where to get small tattoo on the female’s body?  

Cute small tattoo designs for girl have become a very popular fashion trend in the last six years. Tiny also means «comfortable» because you can hide them easily. This type of symbol can be used on any part of the body. As a rule, females like to choose a placement that they can easily hide. Among girls and women, it is very popular to draw on the neck, wrist, fingers, and ankle. These parts of the body are delicate areas.

What is a good first small tattoo for a girl?

For the first ink artwork, a lot of females prefer to get small tattoo designs, especially on the wrist and fingers. The fingers and wrist are perfect placement for small tattoo designs. But, be careful! Fingers and wrists have a lot of nerve endings. So, it can cause more pain.


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