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40 Tiny Finger Tattoo Ideas for Females Delicate Design

Tiny finger tattoo ideas are the trend right now because finger tattoo for ladies can not only display special meaning but are also simple to design. Small tattoos are popular among ladies and women. When you want to get ink artwork on your body, the tiny finger tattoo may be the best place to get it.

Small Finger Tattoo Cover up Ideas for Women 

Small designs are also can pack thousands of meanings in a small space. Today females don’t need to get full or big tatt designs on their bodies to look more trendy. It is more exciting to have a tiny tattoo on the finger.

Small finger tattoos are perfect for those who want to keep them and at the same time, express themselves as an individual. Many people who want to get their first ink artwork usually choose small designs. Moreover, tiny designs are easier to cover, remove or hide. If you want to get one small ink artwork, here is a list of perfect finger tattoo design ideas.

flower finger tattoo ideas female picture

Cool finger tattoo ideas

Our fingers are an exposed body part, and you should think you want to show them or not. We do everything with our fingers and they are the most important tools that humans have. After tattooing you should be very careful to do some things with your fingers. Tiny finger tattoo ideas are often chosen by women or ladies who are getting their first one. The advantages of tiny finger tattoos are:

  • Easy to hid
  • Easy to remote
  • Small cost
  • Plenty of ideas
  • Need a short time 

If someone doesn’t like their first tattoo design, she can easily remove it and get another one. But finger tattoos also have disadvantages they are painful because the skin is thin and fingers have a lot of nerve endings. Before getting a finger tattoo every woman should talk with her tattoo master about all the details.

 Tiny Finger Tattoo Ideas for women  design images

How Long Does Finger Tattoos Last?

It depends on how much we use our fingers, in our daily routine. Simple finger tattoo ideas are always small lines or symbols that can lose some details a bit over time. There are so many factors to answering this question. The best way to consult your tattoo artist about how long the tattoo lasts before smudging. But in general, tattoo designs on fingers remain good for at least two years.

 tiny good finger tattoo ideas images

Are finger tattoos a bad idea

Nobody can answer for sure that a finger tattoo is a bad idea. There are some important things that everyone should know and decide whether to get ink on fingers or not. 

Fingers are always exposed to water and sun and there are plenty of chances of getting various infections during the healing process.

Tattoo designs on fingers look different than on other parts of the body, because of the skin on fingers.

finger tattoo small star designs

 delicate moon tiny finger tattoos to inspire you

How bad does finger tattoo hurt

You should know that the finger tattoo cute but it can be painful. Anatomically the skin on fingers is close to the bones and on fingers, there are a lot of nerve endings.

In any case, small tattoo ideas on the fingers don’t cause much pain. Planty of the nerve endings are concentrated at the finger endings, but some fingers have fewer endings than others. 

Tiny heart finger tattoo cover up ideas

heart small finger tattoos for ladies design images

There is something magical about tiny heart tattoos on the fingers of females. It’s a very simple design but looks cut and could symbolize so many things that you hold in your heart. What does a small heart tattoo mean? Some women and ladies choose this tiny design to represent their love and deep feelings for someone special in their lives.

However, others may display the importance of emotions in general. Some women choose especially the ring finger to get a tattoo to represent their responsibility to their loved ones. Heart tattoo designs are a very popular tattoo idea, especially among women and ladies.

cross traditional finger tattoo ideas

What symbol meaning finger tattoos?

  • What styles to choose for finger tattoos? Our fingers require unique designs because we have limited space and unique anatomy. This is one of the important questions which styles truly will be perfect?
  • Small Minimalist: Simple lines, shapes, symbols, and letters, are not only trendy designs but also look perfect on the small canvas.
  • Tiny Geometric Patterns; These designs offer mandalas, simper shapes, old symbols, polysinian lines, and symbols of native American cultures. This type of design is exciting and looks elegant on the fingers.
  • Small Letters and Numbers: Letters and numbers are popular and tattoo artists often use them with other symbols. We can use letters, numbers, words, and dates, to make the design more beautiful.
  • Tiny Iconinic Symbols: These types of symbols like arrows, hearts, sun, and stars are often chosen to show that they love nature and recognize all natural processes.
Cool Inner Finger Tattoos to Inspire You

hand finger tattoo ideas flower design

 cross finger tattoo ideas picture

cute finger tattoos for girls

delicate finger tattoo ideas

unique finger tattoo ideas

cute finger tattoo ideas for females

girly finger tattoo ideas love designs

mandala little finger tattoo ideas

delicate finger tattoo ideas in picture

lotus finger tattoo ideas female

small simple finger tattoo ideas

rose small finger tattoos for girls design ideas

cool finger tattoo ideas tiny designs

cross female finger tattoo ideas

cross finger tattoo ideas image

flower small finger tattoo ideas

wing ink body art ideas for women's fingers

 heart symbol small finger tattoos  for women
heart symbol

mini word tattoo on finger design ideas

leaf finger tattoo designs for ladies
leaf designs

Planet simple finger tattoo designs
female images

word finger cover up designs tattoo pictures for female
word finger cover-up designs

flower symbols for finger tattoos ideas
flower symbols

small rose minimalist tattoo on finger
for girls
small rose minimalist

scorpion cover up design for finger tattoos images
scorpion cover up design

stars  delicate finger tattoo ideas
for ladies
stars delicate finger ideas

Line cute tiny finger tattoos
for ladies designs
for ladies designs

moon    delicate finger tattoos
for girls  pictures

elegant finger tattoos for female  pictures
elegant finger pictures

mini tattoo on finger for ladies black lines
black lines

cute moon tiny finger tattoos design patterns for females
cute moon tiny finger tattoos design patterns for females

Unique black leave finger cool small  tattoos
Unique black leave finger cool small tattoos


When it comes to getting a tattoo, the finger is one of the most popular spots for small tattoo designs. Depending on several factors like size, location, and difficulty of the design the cost will vary. You should take basic safety precautions to protect against any risks.

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