9 Leg Workout Exercises for Stronger and More Defined

9 Leg Workout Exercises for Stronger and More Defined


Due to the large amount of muscles leg workout exercises they contain, there are many leg exercises. Besides the aesthetic benefits, having strong legs is very good to prevent injuries. In this article, we will show you 5 great exercises to work on this part of the body.

In addition to promoting mobility and agility, training the legs will also be beneficial in increasing our athletic performance, endurance and strength and injury prevention. Using a weight you are comfortable if needed try and progress these where you can. The number of sets and reps are listed. Feel free to change these as needed.

1. Weighted Barbell Squat – 6 x 12 Reps

This focuses on the quad muscles, Place the Barbell with a weight of your choice that you feel comfortable with on the top of your traps. Chest up with head forward. Hip Width stance and feet turned out. Lower yourself down by flexing the knees try and keep your hips centered by moving knees forward staying align with feet keeping your body upright. Move all the way down keeping weight on front of the heel. As your upper legs contact the lower legs go back up driving the weight upwards,

2. Classic and Jumping Squats

Classic and Jumping Squats

This typical exercise consists of standing with your feet shoulder-width apart to begin with. You should take your buttocks down and back, always keeping your feet firm on the floor and your back straight. The latter is the fundamental point of the exercise; we should open the chest, look forward and contract the abdomen. The hands, meanwhile, can join at chest height.

One variation of this effective exercise is to add a jump at the end of each repetition. In this way, when we make the extension, we will rise slightly from the ground and then fall and descend immediately, thus taking advantage of the jump.

3. Leg Extension 5 x 10 Reps

Using a leg extension machine. Sitting down with legs under the pad. This should be just above your feet. The starting point should be at 90 degrees. Using your quads extend your legs outwards to the maximum making sure your body remains still on the seat. Try and pause a second and then slowly lower the weight back to its original position and repeat.

4. Squat Sumo

Squat Sumo

It may seem like an exercise very similar to the previous one, but in reality the emphasis here is on working the abductor muscles. Basically, the difference is in the position of the feet. In this case, let’s put your toes out diagonally (the way sumo wrestler take position). This way, when descending, we will be working mainly the inner side of the legs. In both sumo squats and traditional squats, we can add weight to the exercise with a bar on our shoulders or above the head.

5. Romanian Deadlift 5 x 10 Reps

Hold a bar at hip level with a weight that suits on. Palms facing down. Back arched, shoulders back and knees slightly bent lower the bar by moving your bum back as far as you can keeping the bar close to you. Your head should still be looking forward and shoulders back. The bar should get to just below the knees for optimum hamstring flexibility. Once here return to starting position by driving the hips forward to stand up.

6. Lunges

Leg Workout Exercises

It is a very effective exercise to work the glutes, hamstrings and the quadriceps; in addition, we will need the calves and abdominal muscles to achieve the required stability.

It is easy to do: position yourself with both feet aligned; then take one foot forward as if you were taking a step and, in the meantime, lower your back foot to touch your knee to the floor. In the process, both knees will be flexed to 90 °. Finally, return to the starting position and do with the other foot. You can also add weight to this exercise. You can do this with a dumbbell in each hand or with a barbell over your shoulders.

7. Dumbbell Split Squats. 5 x 15 Reps

Get two dumbbell one in each hand and stand with the rear foot elevated and the front foot forward. With the dumbbell hanging at the sides descend by flexing your knee and hip to lower your body down. A good posture is needed throughout the movement. Keeping your front knee in line with your foot. Once you’re at the bottom extend the knee and hip back to the starting position and repeat.

8. Bulgarian Split Squat

Leg Workout Exercises

In addition to testing your balance to the max – which will improve core strength – the Bulgarian Split Squats is a driving force of a leg workout, with your quadriceps, calves and hamstrings all poised to benefit. The glutes are also heavily involved in exercise, so it works for anyone who is interested in perfecting art of developing perfect butt.

The best thing is that – almost all sports in the world require you to get off one leg at a time, so if you do not have some unilateral work (one leg) in your workout plan, then you are missing a trick. The Bulgarian squat is the answer: not only is it a little easier to learn and master, but it is the most effect of all the squatting techniques out there. In normal squats, for example, the lumbar region comes into play, limiting the weight you can lift. In the Bulgarian squat, it’s all about your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. Here’s how to do it better for leg workout exercises.

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9. Dumbell Lunges 5 x 15 Reps

Stand up straight holding two dumbellls by your side. Step forward with your right leg approximately 2ft leaving the left stationery and lower your upper body down. Keeping the rest of you upright maintaining your balance. Push your leg back up using your heel and go back to the standing position, Repeat with your left leg and so on.

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