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Foot Ankle tattoo 80 Temporary ink art Designs for ladies

Foot ankle tattoo are one way to get people to glance at your legs. Females like to emphasize the beauty of their bodies and choose ink artwork as one of the methods of focusing attention on their beautiful legs. It is true, that ankle and foot tattoo are the second most popular place for an ink art tattoo after the ladies’ wrist. Moreover, you can get a tattoo on any part of your legs. The main thing is to choose the right tattoo design and place to draw the tattoo. The most popular places for leg tattoos are thighs, feet, and ankles.

The large areas of the leg help tattoo artists make a canvas for a wide variety of ankle and foot tattoo ideas and unique styles. As a result, the biggest difficulties for the female foot and ankle tattoo ideas designs are which design to choose. It depends on various factors, such as personal preferences for females, their characters, tattoo equipment, and artist skills. We regularly learn in various discovering facts that women prefer to wear clothing that does not cover their legs.

Elephant tattoo on foot

foot tattoo ideas for women — small Elephant design

It is known that women and ladies prefer tattoo design in certain areas of their bodies. The details of the ladies’ foot or ankle tattoo need to be created very carefully. The female tattoo artist must realize what she wants and what she expects from the ink art result. What kind of preference does she have for, how she dresses on ordinary days and what style of clothing she likes to wear the most? This information helps the tattoo artist choose the right shape, place, pattern, and colours for the tattoo on the legs.

Best unique foot tattoo designs

Modern girls and ladies are very fond of ink artwork, and for them, a foot and ankle tattoo is one of the main beauty accessories that increase their beauty forever. We can say that tattoos help many women and young ladies gain strength and confidence to achieve their next goals. Great tattoos are also used to cover many skin problems that hinder women’s beauty.

Leg dragon tattoos

dragon leg tattoos for girls

Most women and most girls choose to get tattoos on their legs because there are plenty of free places for ink art pictures and their legs are open most of the time. Usually, women wear clothes and dresses that do not cover their legs. Everyone can appreciate the beauty of leg tattoo designs for ladies.

It is possible to find different tattoo pictures that can be used for female legs. But you also need to keep in mind what shape and size of legs a lady or woman has, and whether a particular picture is suitable for her. The same tattoo design does not suit many females. There are some interesting and unique pictures that you can choose from simple ankle and foot tattoos.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Foot or Ankle Tattoo

Today, tattoo artists are very professional and know a lot about their professional work. They will clearly explain the whole procedure, starting with the tattoo creation process, tattoo healing, and finishing with tattoo care. Here are some important things you should know about.

  • You need to know that if the tattoo on the feet is in regular contact with the shoes, the tattoo can disappear or fade.
  • Getting tattoos on your leg can be very painful, and you should be ready for it.
  • There are tattoo artists who don’t get tattoos on legs at all. Before you go to a tattoo studio, find out whether they do tattoos on the legs or not.
  • The majority of our body that touches the ground is our feet, and numerous infections are also possible, so be careful.

Best Tattoo on foot for female pretty designs

Flower ankle foot tattoo

foot tattoo designs flowers

There are other beautiful ankle foot flower tattoos with vibrant colors and designs. The tattoo is done with bright colors and a unique design that is accurately tattooed on the female leg. All women and ladies can get the same tattoo images on their legs. They can change the colours and designs of the ink artwork if they want.

Minimalist sunflower tattoo

sunflower tattoo small design

Cute sunflower tattoo small design ideas for females with black ink become stunning ink artwork. Even more, the minimalist sunflower tattoo is also used as a mysterious symbol in different religions. A beautiful black and white sunflower tattoo can be applied to any part of the body, not just the legs. Flowers always bring us happiness and freshness.

Baby panda tattoo

cute panda tattoo ideas for females pictures

A minimalist panda tattoo looks beautiful on a women foot and ankle. Above all, animals tattoo like lizards, frogs, birds to leopards pictures seems on the body as if they were real. Choose a little panda tattoo that you love or would like to have at home.

Star tattoo on foot

Black star tattoo on the foot for females with pictures

The best star tattoo for foot are mostly small and not so big in many details. The types of star tattoo on foot designs are perfect ideas. Pictures on the foot can be done by one or several small stars moving together in the same direction.

Butterfly ink art Designs

A small butterfly foot tattoo always looks amazing on a woman’s body. The butterfly foot tattoo can be small or medium-sized, and the tattoo images can easily slide over the surface at the top of the foot. You can always change the butterfly tattoo colour and design and find the picture you like the most.

Tattoo words on foot


Many ladies choose tattoo words on foot designs. Mostly small tattoos have been done on the female foots and toes. The choice of pictures is very diverse, from one word to letters. Sometimes tattoos are made and wrapped around the toes.

Foot tattoo heart

heart foot tattoo

A heart tattoo can be done on the ladies foot and the sharp part direction the bottom towards the toes. Heart foot tattoo designs are still a very modern ink artwork that is perfect for the legs. The heart can be large or small, contoured or solid, and include different details in the design.

Back of the ankle tattoos

Amazing tattoos on back of ankle

Letters and Words on back of the ankle tattoos are favourite pictures among ladies and women. The female’s foot is long and has a flat shape, where a lot of free surface for text. You can get a back ankle tattoo idea that extends over the entire surface of the foot. Many tattoo artists create letters in different sizes, up and down, letters and short or long sentences, and add various details.

Delicate foot tattoo elephant

inner foot tattoos original elephant

symbols back of ankle tattoo

Rose tattoo for leg

leg rose tattoo for Women design

Cute ankle tattoo

simple ankle tattoo

Bird tattoo women

small bird tattoo on legs

Leg tattoo ideas woman

trend female leg tattoo

foot to ankle tattoo cat design

ankle tattoo female colour design cat

number ankle tattoo for female

Female ankle tattoo

front ankle tattoo

temporary cute leg tattoo insects design

Heart ankle tattoo

Love Hearts Foot Tattoo for Women ideas

Tiny ankle tattoo

Realistic tiny ankle tattoo ideas

Female ankle tattoo designs

Temporary female ankle tattoo designs panda

small ankle tattoo ideas Horse design

Dream catcher ankle tattoo

dream catcher ankle tattoo

Ankle tattoo idea

Sun And Moon ankle tattoo idea

Girly foot tattoo

scorpion girly foot tattoo images

Small side foot tattoos

Womens small side foot tattoos

chameleon leg tattoo sleeve

snake female leg tattoo

Wings ankle tattoo

small wings ankle tattoo for girls

Ankle tattoo hurt

ankle tattoo hurt for female design

feminine mandala foot ankle tattoo

Cool leg tattoo ideas

cool leg tattoo ideas Fish

womens leg tattoo designs heart ink art

Leg skull tattoo

leg skull tattoo design for girls

elephant delicate ankle tattoo

unique leg tattoos

cover up leg tattoos Pretty Flower

toe tattoos for women Designs To Inspire You

leg tattoos drawings wild animals

back of ankle tattoos cocacol design

female leg tattoos designs

roses female full leg tattoos

ankle tattoo girl

leg tattoos ladies

women’s unique leg body art ink design

Back ankle tattoo

back ankle tattoo small design

dog paws tattoo designs

bird feminine lower leg tattoos for females

female cover up tattoos on leg

thigh leg tattoos words design

ankle tattoo pic

ankle tattoos meaningful

triangle form tattoo ideas on leg

girly foot tattoo sentence ideas

female lower leg tattoos

Creative ankle and foot tattoo designs

big rose tattoo design ideas

flower ink art images

flower leg tattoos for females ideas

letters tattoos designs on back leg images

tiny tattoos designs for ladies

Very Funny Tattoo Designs for Women

Back Legs design

ankle tattoo words design ideas

sunflower tattoo designs on foot

cat colorful tattoo design on leg

flower wrap around leg tattoos

mountain ink art works images

Trendy Foot Tattoo Designs With Best Pictures

foot tattoos are becoming increasingly popular

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