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Stomach tattoo for men are becoming very popular and fashionable. Today, getting a tattoo on the stomach is not a rare thing and modern society does not ignore these people anymore. The modern lifestyle and open life influence a lot of people to keep fit and of course, follow fashion trends like tattoo ink art.

Best stomach tattoo designs can be real masterpieces that inspire the wearer and give him the energy to go on. The stomach provides a large canvas that allows tattoo masters to create beautiful and masculine stomach tattoo designs. On the contrary, the human stomach is often covered with clothing, but the great ink body art always waits for its benefit.

On the other hand, stomach tattoo for men are a great way to showcase your style, personal story, feelings, and emotions. In this article, we have found a lot of interesting stomach tattoo simple and meaningful designs that can inspire you to copy them just now. Keep reading and enjoy it!


If you think of getting a tattoo on your stomach, but you are not sure about it, reject all negative thoughts, because it is a perfect opportunity to express your inner world and yourself. Don’t be afraid to try something new to change your life or to start a new way. One of the best opportunities of this location for tattoos for men is that it will be covered under clothes most of the time. So, you can decide when you want to show off your body ink art. There are thousands of stunning tattoo designs, and you should find some symbols and designs that inspire or motivate you.

Stomach tattoo font

Stomach tattoo font or lettering tattoos are not only popular among women but also among men. Font tattoo or letter tattoo has been very flexible symbols that allow you to use them in different styles and shapes.  Men like a stomach tattoo text, because it helps display the words, phrases, and text that are so important to them. 

 The man’s stomach is the very right place to create ink text, words, fonts, and phrases. The stomach tattoo font and text design can be great but you should choose a design that inspires you. Lettering tattoos are also popular, another key point, these styles of symbols are easy to create, and they provide less pain. So, font and lettering tattoos help you to get eye-catching designs.

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Butterfly on stomach tattoo

Butterfly on stomach tattoos are the new style symbol design. The butterfly is a cool stomach tattoo idea for men who are willing to get it on their stomachs. This symbol design is perfect because you can use it in many ways. Generally, the butterfly tattoo is more used by women but now this symbol is becoming popular also among men. The design style of the tattoo can be minimalist or colorful from a realistic depiction to abstract designs. It can be great stomach tattoo drawings for men and guys because on the stomach we have a large area where you can draw what you want.

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Stomach tribal tattoo for male

Stomach tribal tattoo are one of the popular symbols idea that people have been inked on their bodies for about a thousand years. Tribal symbols have been the first common designs tattooing in body art history. Nowadays, this style of tattoo symbol continues to be very popular among men and women. Generally, tribal tattoos are made in black ink, but some tattoo artists also make colorful tribal designs.

A tattoo for men stomach designs have been done for centuries and it has become not only a traditional tattoo symbol but also a fashionable attribute. The tattoo for men bodies always attracts attention and for this reason, tribal symbols are chosen for many men, because they can incorporate more than just common black lines.

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Yakuza stomach tattoo

Yakuza tattoo is a popular ink body art culture that is famous not only in Japan but also all over the world. The yakuza tattoo connected and has become a part of Japanese culture, traditions, and art. Tattoos on the bodies of the Yakuza are eye-catching masterpieces. The symbols represent their beliefs, lives, position in groups, and also which gang membership the wearer belongs to. Generally speaking, a Yakuza stomach tattoo is one of the inspiring designs that men want to get on their bodies. For this reason, it doesn’t matter if you are a member of a Yakuza gang or just a counter who wants to get this symbol on his body.

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Jesus stomach tattoo

A tattoo for men body become an important attribute that growing in popularity every day. There are thousands of tattoo for men on chests and stomachs and, sometimes it is hard to choose the only one. Many men choose religious tattoos to represent their deep beliefs.

The religious tattoo designs can be different, such as Jesus stomach tattoo, or cross tattoos. You should find the design that perfectly suits your style. Using the stomach as a canvas allows you to get a large Jesus stomach tattoo that can inspire people and encourage you. If your beliefs are strong that you are willing to get Jesus stomach tattoo it will be a good choice.

Full chest and stomach tattoo

Full chest and stomach tattoo can be beautiful real masterpieces on men’s bodies. The full chest and stomach tattoo design requires for completely smooth area, but the stomach has a little difference between chest to stomach. So, all people are different, and depending on this different shapes will cause the result of the tattoo. For this reason, before getting a full chest and stomach tattoo you must ask your artist about all the details.

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Men lower stomach tattoo

Lower stomach tattoo designs are the most popular designs that are made by males. The lower stomach location is a flat area that allows you to create the best men lower stomach tattoo design. After all, the stomach represents the man’s virility, and it’s important to get stunning designs in this area. It is also the perfect way for a man to express his character and masculinity.

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Stomach tattoo flowers

Stomach tattoo flowers are always popular tattoo symbols because floral symbols can be added to any design. Flower tattoos are chosen mainly by females, but they can also be details for the men’s main tattoo. The stomach can be covered with large flowers or a bunch of flowers and for this reason, the flowers are associated with positive things like love, friendship, deep feelings, and happiness. As a result, stomach tattoo flowers can be a good design idea for anyone. There are lots of flower tattoo designs that you can copy and plenty of flowers that you should choose which one to use in your design. Below, we collect some flowers that you can use:

  • Wildflower 
  • Egyptian Lotus
  • Sunflower
  • Cranberry Blossoms
  • Watercolor Lily
  • Rose
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Stomach tattoo for men and guys can help you to express yourself, your world, and your demands. It is also a unique way to attract the attention of other people. Depending on your character, you should be proud and sure that you are different and that it is your unique lifestyle. You can find a lot of various designs, that will be more like your style. In this article, you see lots of interesting stomach tattoo sketches and designs, select one that inspires you, and go ahead!


 A Small or a Big getting a stomach tattoo?

 Getting a stomach tattoo is a great way to express your individuality and character. What size of stomach tattoo to choose, large or small design ideas? So, this is difficult to answer, because it depends on many factors such as your preferences, pain tolerance, and design ideas. It’s even important how much time you are willing to spend on it, and how much it will cost. The stomach is one of the largest canvases for tattoo artists and it allows him to be creative and create stunning designs. 

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Does stomach tattoo hurt?

Does a man’s stomach tattoo hurt? In general, the stomach area has a lot of nerve endings that cause more pain during the tattooing process. how painful is stomach tattoo can be, depends on your body structure, how the mussels are grown in this area, and your tolerance of pain. 

How bad is a stomach tattoo can be? It can be very painful and before you decide to get a tattoo on your stomach, meet a tattoo artist and talk about all the details and also about the pain.

 Can tattoos cause stomach problems?

Getting a tattoo on the stomach means a series of puncture wounds into the various levels of the skin. This process causes some swelling, and some crusting on the skin surface. As a result, it may also can cause blood leaks for a few days. The Tattoo for men stomach also can cause infection in the tattoo area, and allergic reactions.

How to choose a tattoo design?

How to choose the design of your future tattoo if you don’t have experience in ink body art? This is quite a burning subject for thousands of people, but none of the tattoo masters describe or pay attention to this question. So, we are trying to write a helpful article that will help you to find the right tattoo design.

Sometimes people ask a tattoo master to choose designs for them. 

The first important point is that you should or must love your tattoo design because you will live with it for the rest of your life.

The second important point of this question is that every man should discuss it with his wife, and girlfriend before getting a tattoo. Imagine a situation, when you have got a tattoo, but your wife or girlfriend is categorically against it. It will bring a very unpleasant situation for both a man and woman, for this reason, it is better to discuss all elements before.

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