7 Books Recommend That Will Change Your World Now

Hi everyone, this is not just a fresh post about books but a complete revelation of my heart. Today, I want to share with you a very special list of books that gave me not only pleasure but deeply impacted me and my life. Here are 7 best books that changed my life forever. Some of them are classic books that have survived more than one decade and modern works that become my companions now. 

Each of these books opened new worlds for me and sowed seeds of thoughts that grew into important life lessons. Well, I’ve attracted your interest so let’s check out these 7 good books. 

Main Content

  • Markus Zusak — The Book Thief
  • Stephen King — Carrie
  • George Orwell 1984
  • John Kehoe’s Mind Power
  • Erich Maria Remarque — Three Comrades
  • Daniel Keyes — Flowers for Algernon
  • Mikhail Bulgakov The Master and Margarita

Markus Zusak — The Book Thief

Let’s start with the book Marcus Zusak’s — The Book Thief. It’s a delightful work that I first read at the age of 14. The last time I read it 6 years ago. I realize that many details I have forgotten but, in any case, I remember the main plot of this book and how it impacted me. After this book, I have changed many views and rules in my life. I think it will be more interesting to read this inspired book after 10 years.

Markus Zusak - The Book Thief quotes

This book helped me to look at the story from completely different points of view. The plot of the book gives us the true story through the eyes of death and every word is worthy to read. Naturally, this book is not only changing my life but also many readers’ lives. The story is about a German town during World War II and a little girl who loves stolen books. Even on the cover of this book, we can read that this good books can change your life.

This’s not just a war story — It’s a story about the power of words and hope. The plot of the book is all described through the eyes of death as the author has been there. During reading the goose flesh could run on your body and bring a lot of emotions, and cry. That’s why I recommend you to take tissues with you.

Main characters

  • Liesel Meminger
  • Max Vandenburg
  • Hans Hubermann
  • Rosa Hubermann
  • Rudy Steiner
  • Ilsa Hermann
  • Ilsa Hermann
  • Paula Meminger
  • Tommy Muller
  • Frau Diller

Stephen King — Carrie

The next revelation book that I recommend reading is Stephen King — Carrie. This book showed me that sometimes the scariest monsters can hide behind human faces. Carrie helped me to love this great writer Stephen King. Although I have read more than 20 books by this author. I understood that the most terrible things don’t do bad monsters from movies or books. It can do people, more than people who are always around us, and we even don’t imagine what they are capable of doing.

Stephen King - Carrie quotes

A very interesting story about a girl named Carrie, who has telekinesis abilities. These abilities began to appear in her childhood as an affection for things that happened to her. But these abilities turned out at the wrong time in the wrong place. Carrie grows up in horrible conditions.

 Her mother is completely religious, but she’s not normally religious, she does terrible things. Because Carrie is so unusual, she grows up in such a horrible atmosphere. She gets bullied a lot at school so she has strange behavior.

 The poor girl is living a period of complete misunderstanding neither from her mother’s side nor from her classmates. She doesn’t understand what to do, how to live with them and new abilities, whom to rely on. That’s terrible when a child grows up in this bad atmosphere. Moreover, she has such strange abilities, but no one explains to her how to live with them and how to cope with them. What happened further you will know if you read this cool book. 

Main characters

  • Carrie White
  • Sue Snell
  • Margaret White
  • Christine Hargensen
  • Tommy Ross
  • Miss Desjardin
  • Ralph White
  • Billy Nolan
  • Stella Horan

The book is very interesting easy to read and raises a lot of important topics. I was impressed by how Stephen King put building proses in the plots of this book. How it affects the teenager and how deeply he described the process that was inspiring and strong. This story showed me that absolutely all situations in life can be looked at from a positive angle and be happy about everything.

George Orwell 1984

Let me make a contrast and show you my dear audience a story that inspired, gave me horror and awareness of what can do the government. First of all, I changed my view of the world and governments. This was my first dystopia book and has such a strong impact on me. 

George Orwell 1984 quotes

Reading this book, I feel a deep gratitude for our freedom and it so much has influenced not only me but also millions of people around all over the world. The fictional leader has become synonymous with the surveillance culture and departments in society.

Nowadays, we have a society that is under constant surveillance and this book can describe a lot of things. The situation has gotten to the point where people’s minds are brainwashed that even children turn in their parents to the government. 

Everywhere in the town and houses have got cameras and special people watching every your movement. And no one can’t do anything against the government. The government-controlled what type of books the people should read.

You can’t even read the books you want. The main hero Smith understands the caosic situation and begins to realize where he is, all this horror, and tries to somehow avoid it. He wants to change the situation and plan step by step to reach a new revolution. The government even tries to control personal thoughts.

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Main characters

  • Winston Smith
  • Julia
  • O’Brien
  • Big Brother
  • Mr. Charrington
  • Syme
  • Parsons
  • Emmanuel Goldstein

Whether our hero will be able to resist all this horror that’s going on. Plus we can see a love line for which I was worried and which also certainly caused me a lot of emotions. This book 1984 generally changed me I still remember a lot of details and actions that happened in this story. When I remember the plot of this great story I feel something unusual process in my mind and body. This good mystery book can change our views on life.

John Kehoe’s Mind Power

The book that contributed to me to start a new lifestyle is a small book by John Kehoe. The subconscious mind can do everything and author John Kehoe describes how to use this powerful tool. This book allows me to understand the power of my own brain and internal resources. The author shows how to do real practices that help everyone. The subconscious even cured people of some terrible diseases and it’s true.

 After reading this book I began to notice such things that when I think negatively about bad things, I’m not a success soon I get or receive bad things or bad news. But the other side of it is when I set myself up that everything is going to be fine, that everything is going to work out everything is going to go great.

I go with confidence, and everything goes great and there are great practices. In general, the book is very cool in the genre of psychology. I found something useful in it and still, this book resonates as a perfect book of psychology.

Erich Maria Remarque — Three Comrades

The next book Erich Maria Remarque — Three Comrades this book opened my eyes to a heroic and tragic period through the story of three friends. The book also showed me how beautifully love can be described.

Erich Maria Remarque - Three Comrades

  Remarque has touching works and can harmonize many situations with each other that cause emotions to cry. Remarque describes an amazing love that you believe in. You believe in what’s happening and you start to worry about the characters more than yourself. 

This novel is one of the most tragic and inspiring stories about human relationships in the history of the XX century. Yes, it is a very strong work of Remarque. He described all the events were very strong, serious and affected just all the parts of the soul.

Daniel Keyes — Flowers for Algernon

Flowers for Algernon author Daniel Keyes touched me to the core of my soul. The human mind and its potential main themes of this novel. The main character Charlie who is mentally retarded had been offered to take part in such an experiment. He thought that taking part in such an experiment help him to become smart.

But nobody gives a guarantee that this experiment will benefit him because it is such an innovation and nobody knows what the consequences will be. But Charlie agrees to this experiment and this is where it all begins. The story is conducted in the form of diary entries from Charlie himself.

My God how it was strongly described as we see how Charlie changes at first, he writes there with mistakes, so the book is hard to read with every word some mistakes. We see how Charlie gradually changes as people around him changes too. He sees how people’s behavior changes from his point of view.

The book sits again in the soul in the memory I think forever. And now I always remember this book, and remember it strongly.

Main characters

  • Charlie Gordon
  • Alice Kinnian
  • Professor Harold Nemur
  • Dr. Strauss
  • Burt Selden
  • Algernon
  • Fay Lillman
  • Rose Gordon
  • Matt Gordon
  • Norma Gordon
  • Uncle Herman

Mikhail Bulgakov The Master and Margarita

This is truly a mystical masterpiece, Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita. Master and Margarita plot is a mystical work combining literary layers from historical novels to philosophical treatises. This is not just a book but this is a unique whole world with incredible mystical and deep philosophical meaning. It is hard to convey all the emotions I had while reading this book. 

Mikhail Bulgakov The Master and Margarita

Starting with the mystical character Woland from whom I don’t know what to expect and the tragic love story of Master and Margarita. You as a reader, are torn between the master and margarita characters.

But it was so interesting to follow all these characters even the cat in this story causes many different emotions. I think this novel requires you to focus on what you are reading to understand meaningful ideas.

I think that every chapter of this great novel will reveal some new nuances of human nature. When I finished the book, I was shocked by the ending. But I realized that Bulgakov gives us some little hints throughout the story.

I’ve heard many opinions from people about Master and Margarita meaning and they said, that this book is some kind of mystery. There are a lot of characters and a lot of different lines that you should remember. 

When you first start reading this magic book it is difficult to concentrate your attention on everything. You can pay attention to one certain thing. For example, at the first time when I read, I paid more attention to Voland and his gang. 

Main characters

  • Woland
  • Margarita
  • Pontius Pilate
  • The Master
  • Yeshua Ha-Nozri
  • Mikhael Alexandrovich Berlioz
  • Koroviev
  • Behemoth
  • Azazello

 Telling you about these books popular with a thrill of excitement. I hope that this selection was useful for you. This post inspired you to read more and enjoy every page of these books.

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