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When it comes to sex, general belief is that men are responsible for everything that doesn’t work properly. Men’s self-esteem in the bed to be selfish and unable to perceive their partners’ wishes had so far supported this belief. However, surveys and studies show that women are as responsible as men.

So, when he bothers you enough for it, you just reluctantly open your legs and let him in without really being involved. There’s a lot more attached to sex than just opening your legs to satisfy your partner’s needs.

1. Wear comfortable underwear

How comfortable your cotton underwear is undisputed. However, unfortunately they are not as sexy as they are comfortable in true. If you want to colour your bedroom, try replacing your underwear with more sexy ones, giving a little concession to your comfort.

Sexy lingerie must remain in the mind of the man after sex and then in a way that he will ask you to wear it again.


I know you think men are the only ones who are usually hasty during sex but they aren’t. Some women are so hasty that they even urge their partners to skip foreplay and go straight to the main business. They don’t want to invest too much time and effort during the act; the earlier it ends the better for them.

When it comes to sex, remember it’s an art; slow down, take your time with each other and enjoy the moments together. Don’t claim to be so busy that you don’t have time for passionate sex; make time for it and stop making excuses. Don’t rush. Slow down, relax and savor the blissful moment!

3. Don’t take control

If you want to make love, you don’t have to wait for your partner to act. If you take the first step and take control, you will always be more excited about your partner. Men may sometimes seem deliberately unwilling. They do this not to frighten you. But if you direct him to sex with a sexy look, a little touch, or an intimate invitation, he’ll like it more.


Another complaint I often hear from men is the issue of their woman not initiating sexual encounters. They are the ones who always have to make the first move even when the woman needs it too. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that some women are too shy to open up to their partner or they are afraid of coming across as slutty.

Your relationship, as well as sex, needs to be mutual. When you’re interested in sex, let it be known. Don’t leave it up to him to figure it out as if he’s the only one who has needs. Try to make the first move sometimes.

5. Do not force him

If you don’t want to make love, don’t pretend to be and tell it clearly. When you want both, sex will be more fun.


We know you’re busy and you’re working hard to earn a living but please, don’t forget the dude. Don’t treat him as if he is insignificant or as if he’s a thorn in your flesh. While the rigors of everyday life can impact your sexual desires, it most likely doesn’t extinguish it.

You need to nurture your sex life. Pay enough attention to your partner. Drop little naughty notes for him to discover during the day. Wear some sexy lingerie under your work clothes and surprise him when he gets home.

7. Eliminate your needs before making love

For your needs, interrupting the love will be a nuisance for both of you. If you need toilets or if you are thirsty, don’t expect to go to bed.


Similar to men, women also fall victim to the idea that your partner will know or sense what’s going on with you. If something is going on you don’t like, speak up. If you are not comfortable with the position, tell your partner. Don’t say “He’s the one who needs it. Let him hurry up with it.”

9. Being very clean

If you want to take a shower or change the sheets immediately after sex and avoid touching your partner; this will make your partner feel bad. Have a little patience and don’t get obsessed about it.


Many women fear if they are erotic, they’ll come across as slutty or cheap to their partner. That may be just what he wants at times! Have the courage to let go once in a while. Be erotic. Stimulate him visually and verbally. Make him notice you.

Get on top during sex. Don’t be scared to make the first move and take charge. Be “a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.” A common thought is that men are led by two brains. Don’t forget about his northern brain. Stimulate him!

11. To think that men are not romantic

There is a false impression that men have to be romantic. However, they also have a soft and sensitive side and remember your romantic moments. Remember that the most romantic love poems are written by men.

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