43 Unique Anchor Tattoos For Men

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Unique Anchor Tattoos For Men

Anchor tattoos for men have gained popularity not only in men, but also in women. It has become a common tattoo design used today, which is not at all surprising. One reason for its increased popularity is that the design is relatively simple yet stylish to look at. In fact, many women ink their bodies with anchor-designed tattoos simply because it’s chic and classy.

Popularization of tattoos

Anchors have been a prolific image in tattooing since the popularization of tattoos in the western world. Sailors tattooed themselves to signify accomplishments and status on the ship. For instance, an anchor represented the wearer had either sailed across the Atlantic Ocean or achieved the rank of Boatswain or Chief. 

There is a strong relation between the anchor and Christianity. The design of the anchor was their way of hiding the symbol of the cross. The cross has a meaning of salvation and hope throughout the world. 

Tattoos That Will Hold You Down

For marine, the anchor is usually a symbol of the calm sea during navigation. Anchors in common tend to have a nuance of security, firmness, and storm protection. The anchor symbol was used to represent the Christians that were trying to escape the persecution of the Romans. You should know that in general anchor designed tattoos mean a stability and loyalty. But of course adding some various elements to this type of tattoos you can change the meaning to another one.

Anchor Tattoos Designs and Their Meanings

The anchor tattoo has remained popular for many years. People find their own personal meaning behind their anchor tattoos.  One reason for its increased popularity is that the design is relatively simple yet stylish to look at. The anchor shares a few resemblances with the popular Ankh symbol. Thus, ancient Egyptians considered it as a representation of life. As the years progressed and naval warfare became more popular. It became more and more associated with maritime services.

Small Anchor

Beautiful Anchor Tattoos For Women


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